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New to La-La land and the board!

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Hi all!

I've been lurking for a week or so and this seems like a great community!

I'm Melanie, and I just moved to Los Angeles a couple months ago to begin law school. I grew up with many cats, but a month ago I adopted my first two furry little girls that I am solely responsible for from a local rescue group.

Dixie(black American/Oriental shorthair mix) and Georgia(Calico), both about 2 years-old.

Here are my little dynamos:
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Hi Melanie and welcome to the board! Your cats look quite fiesty!
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Everyone who visits says, "I LOVE your cats... but I'm glad I'm not the one who has to live with them!"

They spend most of the day (and night) chasing each other around the apartment and wrestling.
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Welcome! What cuties.
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Hi superkitty,

I checked out the links in your sig, and your cats are BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for the warm welcome!
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Originally posted by ataraxia
They spend most of the day (and night) chasing each other around the apartment and wrestling.
I definitely know what that's like!! A herd of buffalo is galloping up and down the stairs every night, I swear

The kitties thank you for the nice compliment, glad you could visit their albums Can't wait to see more of your pics!
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Welcome to the site Mellanie! Both of your girls are just beautiful. I love black cats, but I have to say that Georgia is just stunning. I love dilute calico/torti coloring, and there aren't too many of them that I've seen.
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Welcome and nice meeting you and your pretty kittens . Both girls are very beautyfull
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Welcome Melenaie and your two cute furbabies. They are beautiful.

Can't wait to see more pics and here about their adventures.

If I may ask - what part of Los Angeles are you living in. I used to live in LA county for a couple of years.
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What a friendly bunch!

Dixie is sitting on the desk helping me reply to you (she won't sit on my lap, but always on the table top closest to me.)

superkitty- Glad I'm not the only one with a wild herd tromping through the house! I look forward to hearing "tails" of your kitties' adventures.

valan- hello! Georgia is really a beautiful cat. Of course I think that cause she's my baby, but I remember when the rescuer brought Dixie and Georgia to meet me, she said about Georgia, "I don't really like this look in a cat, though some people do." Matter of personal preference, but I think she's gorgeous.

purrfect-Nice to meet you too!

greycat2- Thanks! We'll post some more pictures soon! I actually live in Hollywood. It's a neat place, but a bit surreal to live in at first. Where did you live in LA County?
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I love this picture, because Georgia is getting some revenge:

Dixie likes to do things like grabbing her by the neck when she's walking past and attacking her tail (though she also loves to give her baths)so sometimes Georgia has to set her straight.

Here is Dixie attacking a cat stuffed animal (she's not too discriminate.):
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What sweet pictures!

Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome! What lucky cats to have chosen you! There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than watching healthy cats at play, is there? They're absolutely gorgeous.
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Hi Wellington and Krissi!

Glad you enjoyed the pics! I look forward to seeing your kitties.

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welcome to the site, and yes you are right, it is a very nice community, i hope you enjoy your time here, your furbabies are so cute, ive always been interested in law, what kind of law are you going to study?
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Hi Lhezzza!

dougbug- Thanks! I'm really glad to be here.

I was leaning towards entertainment law before I began law school, but the more I hear about it, what seems like a glamorous and exciting area often entails years of the most tedious, mundane transactions. At the moment, I'm just keeping my mind open, and the first year is good for that, as everyone is required to take the same broad range of courses. Entertainment law is still a possibility, but other things, like perhaps alternative dispute resolution interest me as well.

Law school is definitely an incredibly interesting, though quite intense experience.

What do you do?
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Hey! And welcome aboard!
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