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Interesting evening with my job!

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Now that I am management, I've been tested by my fellow associates! Yesterday I had to reprimand (sp?) a employee & she didn't like it one bit. But tonight was the best test...I had to write someone up! Thankfully I had another Support Manager with me (but he's even less experienced that I am) & we tackled it together. It was so hard to do...you really have to watch the words that you use! We have this new guy that transfered from another store & his first day was Monday. Well, lets just say no one is very impressed with him. He doesn't bathe, shave, have any teeth or most importantly very friendly to customers. Today I was on my dinner break & he was up there. He said that he was killing time since the computer he needed to use for training was busy, so he thought he'd have a smoke break. I would have dismissed it if it was 5 minutes, but 30 minutes later he was still sitting up there. So once I clocked back in from dinner break, I told his Hourly Supervisor about it & thought it would be good experience for her to tell him what the problem was. Obviously that didn't sink in, because later in the evening while I was on break he came back in the lounge. I just made friendly conversation with him & asked "oh..break time?"...and he said "No, my butt was getting tired sitting at the computer, so I thought I'd take a smoke break.". My other support manager told him that unauthorized breaks were not allowed & it's theft of company time. He just shrugged his shoulders and said "oh, ok". So, after seeing that he really didn't care about our rules & called him in the office. Even during the whole meeting, he just didn't really care. I'm betting he'll get his walking papers soon if he doesn't straighten up. Man, my store gets some real winners at times, huh?

But...omg, I was shaking & concentrating on the right words to use the entire time. I felt I was stern, but not overly stern. Nate (my support manager) said I handled it good, but it was definitely a eye openner for my future in Management. I just kept thinking...in just a few weeks I'll be doing this all the time! I guess it was good experience for me...hopefully I won't have to fire anyone soon!

Sorry about the long ramble...just needed to get it off my chest!
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Oh shoot! I forgot to add my good news!

I finally got word on Wednesday that I'll be leaving my store for training very soon! I'll start my new job on October 20th!! YAY! I'm so excited, but yet I'm scared of all the new things that will be happening. New town, new job, new apartment, new duties...new everything!

But it will all work out in the end & I'm going in with a new outlook about my career. It's amazing...I finally have a career! For all those years before it was just a job to me...but now it's a career! That's just so cool for me!
I promise I won't desert you guys here...I've already got my own PC, so I'll be on here as soon as I get moved. I miss you all already & I haven't even left yet! LOL!
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There is one pet hate I have in life - well I have a few but in the office. This is a lack of personal hygiene and respect for the company you work for.
Its a case that in this instance you have to take the bull by the horns - the individual is playing games and hes also playing you management. He is abusing as well as wasting your personal time - you should be managing - not nurse maiding him. He is abusing the company time and if this is the case, then his salary should reflect this. If its time for a "smoke break" then make sure he swipes out in this time and back in when he returns. If hes shirking his work - then there are companies that will employee layabouts I am sure - let him go. He wants it by the sound of it- let him walk - its better than sacking him.
I have been in a similar position some years ago - I had a member of staff that knew I enjoyed a laugh and sometimes looked the other way when I knew he was having a crafty fag.
The time came when you have to draw a line between being staff and being a manager. Always be interactive with staff, help them with teh siliest jobs -nothing imprioves morale than a manager lifting boxes, helping steady a ladder, doing some donkey work.
However, when it comes for taking you for a ride, then it STOPS!
You are in a senior position cause you have earned it - you are now looking at all aspects of the company and this includes its financial future.
If a company is to succeed - then you root out dead wood, you bring in people that want to work, you give them trust and you encourage them to give their best. You actively praise in front of staff and direct to the individual and get rid of this one who has bad hygiene and takes you and the company for a ride.
You will feel better in the long run and your decision sounds as though it would be more than justified.
Thats my 10 cents worth. You deserve your position - you have earned it - dont feel bad about reprimands - it either improves things or the problem goes away. Well done!
hoping you are reading this at home and not in company time!!!!
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congrats! I had to fire someone once she would never show up to work on time, wasnt dressing up to code, and was just plan rude!
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I was the manager of a video connection a few years ago and although I love movies and I hated to give that job up I hated that all of my fellow employees did not like me because I went from being on the same level as them to their manager and I could not let the screw around anymore. I am again hoping to venture into management if I can get approvals loans for opening my own pet grooming shop!! Good luck with the new job!
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I'm happy to report, no coaching's tonight! That's the term we use at Walmart for writing people up...Coaching for improvement.

Herb (the guy I had to chat with) worked tonight & didn't have a single problem with him. It did appear that he showered, but didn't take the time to shave. And looks like he wore clean clothes tonight too!

I know that I shouldn't judge people, but this guy is straight out off his rocker! He was telling me things that I could have easily lived with out ever knowing. Apparently he enjoys chatting with women all over the US & after a few weeks of chatting, he moves to where they are at. That's how he came to Nebraska...following after a woman. Honestly, that woman must me as wacked as he is...cuz I don't know anyone wouldn't want him. He just creepy & make my skin crawl. He told me tonight that I must have a twin...he knows some gal that looks JUST like me. That's a frightening thing, huh? Then he told me that he'd jump at the chance to date me....you have no idea how much I wanted to vomit when he told me that! Plus, I can't believe he said that! I'm one of his bosses for God Sakes! If I really wanted to press more buttons, I could have nailed him for sexual harrassment but honestly it's not worth it. I just took it as a compliment...well kinda.
Thankfully only a couple more weeks and I won't have to deal with him anymore. But it'd be my luck HE'D have a TWIN! LOL!
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A twin? I'm guessing that's the kind of line an internet creep would use. lol -and his name is Herb? Are you making this up Shell?
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Sounds like you handled the situation perfectly! Great Job!
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