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Cat Eyes!

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I'm posting a link that I think everyone will enjoy.
My husband loves to play around with photography, so he took a close up photo of our kitty Stinker's eyes.
I think you will be amazed at the great detail that he was able to get.
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That's a neat picture.

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That's a great picture. By the way, your cat has beautiful eyes!

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Dear Purrfect :daisy::daisy:

Your cats eyes were sooooooo cool!! I stuck around to see the rest of it and you guys have quite the good life! God's Blessed You Richly!!!! I love the cats! Muffin and Stinker are so cute! Who was that little baby you're callin' cutie up there?

Take Care & I'll be back to visit your site again, I stuck it in my favorites!

Love &,
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Imagine seeing the workd throse those eyes!
That pic is very striking.
Thanks for the link.
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Thank You All for the great compliments. Glad you enjoyed the photo.

That little cutie was one of our wild outside kittens. I get the chance to catch a few when their little. Then their mom decides to move them. (Just protecting their kids.)
Thanks again to all of you from Don & Linda
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I love the eyes! I wish I had a digital camara. Thanks for the picture.
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Stinker has beautiful eyes! (But don't they all?) That's a very nice photograph; and it's helped me figure out something I've wondered about for a long time: How will cats take over the world? Through hypnosis, of course!


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:angel2:I'm glad to return to this thread because my notice reminded me to go and visit your website again. I must say that I enjoyed it thoroughly and for those of you who haven't seen it yet please go and have a nice virtual relaxing visit!
Thanks again Don & Linda:angel2::angel2:...Hugs to Muffin & Stinker and to all the babies you have of course!

Love &,
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