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Is sports important to you ?

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I live in Ohio so I do hope that the Buckeyes win. Although I'm not into sports that much.

Let's see ; 

Golf -we walk a course chasing a little ball that we see goes flying in the air

Football- chase another ball trying to take it from another player and get banged up

Tennis- chase a ball in a court

Baseball -- chase a ball around a field

And most of all -- Nascar - you sit in the stands watching fast cars go round and round almost giving you whiplash.


I think you get my point




note; my daughter Paige is 12 and she is going to start baseball again this year but of course I have to attend

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Nope, not important to me at all.  The only time I will watch sports is during the Olympics.

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I like major league baseball. It all started because I thought some of the players were cute. I started tuning in just to watch the cuties. After 2 games I became very interested in the game itself. I went to quite a few games at the stadium and always lucked out. I saw Roy Halladay's no-hitter and was also at a game that lasted 15 innings. They had an outfeilder pitching by midnight lol. I picked a great time to get interested because my team (Phillies) went all the way to the world series that year and won!

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Not in the slightest.


DS played football in high school and then in college and we went to all the games (except for when they played in France....there's that plane-thing, you know. They played a football game in France his senior year; I think he was there for a week.). We did the tailgating thing with all the cooking for all the away games. I was the Mom who always had cookies and such for the players.


But I don't watch or follow any sports at all. Rick is a big football fan (Eagles, Seahawks, and anybody who plays against the Cowboys). He also enjoys drag racing. And a bit of golf from time to time. (He also enjoys playing golf whenever he gets the chance.)

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The only sport I love is wrestling. I started watching WWE cause of Edge. He had long flowing blonde hair which I loved but last year he had to quit due to neck injuries and had to retire. So I quit watching it but he did do some guest spots. He is still sexy.



Because my granddaughter starting baseball this year again I will put up with the hot sun,sweating.I will do anything for her.



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Baseball and football. I'm a Mets fan. During the summer, I try to get to a few day games during the week, if I'm not working. Nothing like it..... beautiful green field, beer and hot dog in my hands, sitting in the sun, watching the fabulous game of baseball. Even if my team isn't doing that great, I love being there and soaking up the atmosphere.

I love watching football on TV - especially the Minnesota Vikings. I was born and raised in Minnesota, and was watching football at my dad's knee - college ball, and then the Vikings when Minnesota got pro football.

My boyfriend is a huge football and baseball fan, and he also plays softball, so he really loves that we can talk sports. biggrin.gif
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Sports never appealed to me. I still can't figure out football. All I see is a bunch of guys running into each other.
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Originally Posted by dejolane View Post

The only sport I love is wrestling.


Oh so you like the fake sports.

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I wouldn't say sports is important to me but I do follow the baseball season.  I enjoy it but it's not important to me.

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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post

Oh so you like the fake sports.

Many years ago I watched wrestling just for the entertainment part of it. My late mother loved wrestling and you could never tell her it was phony! We really used to get a laugh out of her watching these guys.

I once (many years ago) went to a wrestling match, just for the fun of it, and the fun part was watching the audience who went crazy yelling "stomp him, stomp him". They were more entertaining than the wrestlers.

Haven't watched it in many years.
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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post

Oh so you like the fake sports.

So how says I was watching the actually sport ? Edge was very hot.




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