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FIV-ear infections in junior cat

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My adorable Freddie just tested positive for FIV last month. He is now just 6 months - was passed to him from his mother (who lives elsewhere, we saved him from the shelter). He now has a pretty full-blown ear infection, which I have read is fairly uncommon for cats to get......a possible symptom of his FIV....the immunity so low in his little body that the infection has surfaced. He is on antibiotics and drops. My questions is two-fold:
1) has anyone had a young cat w/FIV and infectious symptoms such as this???
2) AND/OR --- do FIV-positive junior cats exhibit personality or depressive changes in their behavior? He was a normal kitten just a month ago and was full of life, spark, and appetite!, and now he is fighting this infection and "quiet" around the house.
My vet seems to agree this change in personality is symptomatic of FIV positive in a junior cat, but any dialogue or experiences, please please please write and share. I love him so much.
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I don't have any personal experience to share with you. All I can tell you is that he is going to be prone to just about anything. It's common for FIV cats to get any infection. Usually a cat will get an ear infection due to allergies. Even with FIV cats, they try and treat them with steroids,antihistamines, and essential fatty acids. Even at only 8 months old, if you treat each of his symptoms, he may live a long and healthy life. The behavior changes usually come with any of the physical problems. It sounds like you are doing everything you can for this little guy. He is VERY lucky to have found someone that is willing to give him a fighting chance
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