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Revised forum guidelines, following the recent changes.


Welcome to the Showing and Ethical Breeding forum.

This forum is for discussions of everything related to the world of the "Cat Fancy":

  • Ethical breeding programs in registered catteries.
  • Cat shows and showing.


If you are an ethical breeder and/or are currently involved in showing, we welcome your input here. If you're just interested in these, you're still welcome to post your questions and take part in threads. However, if you take a strong exception to breeders or the practice of breeding, then this forum is not for you. Anti-breeding sentiments will not be tolerated in this forum.


Also, please avoid any defamatory remarks against specific catteries. We have no way of judging and cannot allow potential libel to be posted on the board. If you take issue with a cattery, by all means take it up with the association they're registered with. Mentioning cattery names and web pages is allowed as long as it's not a complaint or can be construed as advertising, libel or defamation.


You need to have a minimum of 20 posts and 30 days of registration in order to post here. We can make an exception, if you feel your background and/or the topic you wish to discuss require it. Just send me (Anne) a PM and explain why you'd like to have "early access" to this forum.