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Ted's temp job

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Ted's new job,I posted about,was with a temp to perm,well it was temp!Now we start all over again!DA~~ We are never going to get ahead of these bill's!I really hate living this way,he has got to find a full time prem. job!!
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I'm sorry to hear that Sherral. Hopefully something comes through for you guys soon.
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I'm sure this is a blessing in disguise! That great job is just around the corner!
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That happens all too often in those temp companies. Maybe it's not exactly the same thing but I've heard many people say they were told a job was temporary but will turn into perm and a week or two later they're jobless again.

Good luck to you and your hubby! Tell him he's in good company right now as many of us seem to be unemployed!
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sorry Sherral, hope that Ted finds something perm. soon, it just takes to much money to live these days dont it? will say a prayer for him, hang in there
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i'm sorry sherral... i'm sure ted can find something perm..just keep on trying...
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