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OMG We at that ALL the time!


Thankfully, I actually bought something else the past week instead of it, just because we got a bit bored with it.


Thanks for the info!

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I checked and it does not affect those in Canada. Which is a good thing because it is my favourite cereal and I have it every morning, including today.


"No other sizes are involved, nor are any other Special K or Kellogg’s products. Cereal distributed and sold in Canada is also unaffected."

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OH BOY.... I eat that cereal almost every morning. So far I don't think I have eaten any glass. eek.gif Thanks, FM, for posting this. Will have to check the box I have in the pantry. I love this cereal.
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hmm and i was going to buy that next month nevermind i wont thanks for posting this i seen this on the news earlier and had no time posting it my self thanks for posting

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