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Cat Massage

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Ok well we have a ritual in our house now. Now Fluffy isn't quite too tolerant so he gets a back rub lol . EVERY night Socks jumps into bed with me and this is how i massage him.
I massage his back,neck and tail
I massage his belly.
I massage his ears which he just stretches his head back for lol
I massage his chin,his nose,the mouth by the whiskers get a nice rubbing. His eyebrows get rubbed.
All his paws get massaged and so do the web thingys between his toes. Now keep in mind i have a VERY tolerant kitty.

So am i just crazy for giving him a full body massage every night or does anyone else do this?
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What a pampered kitty! Mittens won't even let me touch his belly
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I massaged my two when they were kittens and going through growth spurts. I know that kids can get sore when they hit the growth spurts, and they both were much less active when they did so I figured why not? They both really liked it when I rubbed they muscles then.

Now, when I come home, Trent stretches right in front of me. Don't know why he started doing this, but he does. So I do a quick little rubdown while I tell him "Loves you from your head down to your tail." Only I say it slowly so when I say tail I'm at his tail. LOL
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my blackie and i have a simaliar thing going on, as soon as i lay down in bed he jumps up on me and treads on my arm while i rub his back and tail and head, and then in a few mins. he gets down beside me and goes to sleep for a while and then hes up and down alot through the night. dont you just love it though? I do
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I've tried the cat massage thing with Ivo, but I can only massage certain parts regularly-I start at her face, massaging her mouth and chin, up over her cheeks and around her eyes. Then, I move up over her forehead and down along her spine. She really seems to like this and stretches out when I do it. We do this pretty regularly, especially first thing in the morning.

Rarely, when she's really relaxed, she'll let me massage down chest to her front legs and paws, and half-way down her back legs (she hates having her back feet touched for some reason-even a light touch).
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Ashley is probably the most tolerant cat I've ever seen. She loves her tummy rubbed. When I was younger I would hold her upside down and she'd purr and go to sleep. I used to walk around with her around my neck like a boa, and she'd purr. She would sit on my head while I walked around, and she'd purr. And she LOVES getting her chin scratched.
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