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Hi everyone

I just adapted a 2 or 3 month little persian male cat. I already have a 4 months female cat (Nacho). Hes smaller compared to her but not too small. Shes obviously stronger and heavier. Also it seems like he was abandoned cuz u can feel his spine when i hold him.

Anyways getting straight to the point.

My Nacho seemed a little depressed when he came. They kept hissing at eachother. 

Problems I faced with her:

She stopped eating

stopped playing

stopped interacting with us

sleeping all day

she lost some weight

stopped chasing her little toys she just looks at them and walks away


Now the other problem

Is that she started slightly eating better

However she keeps on attacking him, jumping on him,pulling his fur biting his neck

Nothing harmful happened to him but Im afraid that if im not around she might actually hurt him


How can I get them to like each other? play together? and stop Nacho from hunting him or lookin at him like hes a piece of pray??


And my final question is when are they going to start mating? I hope it doesnt happen before they both turn a year old

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Hi Nouran...


Firstly, why do you want to mate them?  It takes a lot of knowledge and experience. Most cat lovers simply have their kittens neutered at an early age to avoid all the problems associated with having non-neutered cats.  And there are lots of gorgeous little kittens needing homes already.


Secondly, there are quite a few things to do when you bring a new cat into the house that makes the process a lot easier.  If you didn't go through it, it may be a good idea to start from the beginning and 're-introduce' them.  There's a good link here:


Your little boy is young to be taken from his mum... 12 weeks is usually the minimum age, to make sure the kitten has gone through all the stuff that the mother teaches it.  It would be great if you could read up on various pages we have here.. you'll find them from the link I've given

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I would also recommend reading the article Mani has given you a link to; on introducing cats.  It sounds like she feels her territory was invaded. 


Also; is Nacho the same kitty who was attacked by a big tom cat a few months back?  I wonder if that experience hasn't made her fearful or disinclined to be around other cats. ohwell.gif

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