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Pet Insurance

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Has anybody every looked into pet insurance? I have just recently had serious problem with my sugar cat and almost lost her, she is okay now but $200 dollars later in two weeks. I was just wondering if it was worth it?

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most pet insurance is worthless, its not good for what you use the most, i will tell you what we do, we put change or any extra dollar we might have left over from pays in a little fireproof box thats for vet care, you be surprised how it adds up, its hard to stay out of it sometimes but i look at the boys and then it gets easy, they might need it more than me. another thing is, a friend of mine does this, she set up a savings account at the credit union and they put 10 bucks in every week, its just for their pets medical care, they have 4 cats, or get a credit card that is only to used for pet medical care. hope this helps you out.. then when the time comes you will have some cash on hand to help..
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I've never had it but I have looked into it before. It just didn't seem worth the money to me and looked pretty limited. There are people here that have it (I believe) so maybe they can shed a little more light on it for you.
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