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Please Help..

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A girl on another board i visit has a dog which has now bit both her kids. She lives in Champaign,IL. Anyone know of a no kill shelter there? The shelter said they will put her down otherwise Here is her post:

I finally got ahold of the shelter and even was transfered to the manager. We know that we can't keep Tiger, she isn't a kids dog. But, unless we find a loop hole and have to take her to the shelter she will be put down.
She's not a bad dog, really, she's just not meant to be around kids. We don't blame the shelter, after adopting her we found out about her past from a coworker of Dh's and from the looks of it they were lied to, I can see how she passed their tests before being put up for adoption. But due to legalities, since she has bitten more then once and drawn blood, they can not give her to a rescue or put her back up for adoption. As she has proven the ability to be agressive she will not live long after getting to the shelter. I'm hormonal and I know that's not helping how bad I feel, I'm honestly trying to stay calm while the kids are here, but I've also never been stuck in this position. We can't keep her but we don't think she should have to die. Dh is talking to the lady who runs the local rescue to see if she can come up with any ideas. None of us want Tiger to be put down, she just needs a home that is better geared for her then ours.

The creepier thing is that Tiger hasn't made a sound all day, if it wasn't for the fact that she's shown movement I'd be checking to see if she was breathing, she just seems to know that something is going on and that it's not good.
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Did you check the list of no-kill shelters stickied at the top of this forum? It has both cat and dog shelters listed. Good luck to your friend re-homing their dog.
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Most shelters have firm policies about dogs that bite. Good luck to this gal in finding one that won't put this dog down.
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