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Good advice....
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what do you think they are trying to say?? lol
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That is priceless!
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Recent news that I heard recently. A twin seater cessna 152 (small lightplane) crashed into a graveyard just outside Yorkshire.
Its tragic as not only have the emergency services found the two pilots of the airplane, as the police have been digging out the cessna ,so far the body count is up to 200 and rising by the hour.

The other bad news today is that the Frenchman - Marcel Marcel - the composer of the song - the hokey cokey - died last week in his sleep. The undertakers said it took them two hours to get his body into the coffin for the funeral.
First they put his left leg in, left leg out, left leg in, left leg out, in, out, in , out and shook it all about!!!

Oh come on its not that bad! Gimme some good vibe things - my car is in for its MOT tomorrow and I am praying like crazy its okay - cant afford loads of repairs!!!!
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That was supposed to be in respect of this thread on the hospital and cemetries thing - forgot to tell you - muppett!!!!

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Thanks for sharing!
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