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Friday Daily Thread!

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Woohooo Friday!!

Anyone gonna watch vamp movie UnderWorld? can't wait for DVD!

I haven't had coffee! LMAO!!! I'm actually not craving any which is odd! Guess I had my fix this week of Starbucks!
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I am going to see it in the theatre! I know it will be one of 'those' but i dont care! I love those types of movies.

I am going to clean house today. Theres no avoiding it, sadly.

OMG just saw your avatar! Its great!
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Going camping tonight.
Jellybelly, your avatar is wonderful! I love it!
I just finished a great book called Pen Pals by Olivia Goldsmith about a woman sent to prison for something her boss and fiancee did (insider trading) and turns the tables. It was so good!

Have a great weekend ya'll!
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A trip to the store for a new high chair, a new rug, birthday presents for the twinnies, ordering cakes for the birthday party Sunday, AND taking Charlie-man for his first hair cut(wahhhhhh!). All with the five kids in tow as school is canceled. Whew. Then this weekend massive housecleaning as my aunt the neatnick is coming to the party arranged around a soccer game and picking up some old timey pictures I got made of the munchkins. Also have to groom the dog, mow the lawn, and it's litterbox dump out weekend.

Anybody want to switch lives for a few days????
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Found out this morning that I lost my feral baby last night at the vet. Tried to trap more of the kittens and they alluded me once again this morning. Remnants of the stomach flu here. Working from home half-heartedly today. Got a TREMENDOUS surprise in the mail today - a present from a friend for my cats.....I'll post pics later today. I needed the pic-me-up!!
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Busy working at the new job today - it is fascinating. Just had a meeting to update our supervsiors on how we are doing, we are on track. I have a very sore neck today it had a spasm this morning when I was drying my hair and now I can't turn my neck to the left.

No plans yet for the weekend. I think I want to catch up on my sleep. Maybe go to the race track. Maybe (if the park dries out) practise playing lacrosse.

Maybe we will rent a movie tonight.

Just finished the 5ht book in an amazing series. The 6th book isn't due out until next summer - I don't think I can wait that long. I honestly feel that this was the best series i have ever read. It is a fantasy series written by a paleoanthropologist. Here is a link about the series. The Last Rune If you like fantasy you will love this!
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Well I'm packing my bags off for the VERY last cat show of the season!, Please Wish Holly & Sophie luck!

It's a 6 hour drive... ugh!

See you all in 2 days when I return!
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Good luck!
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Thanks Ady! They need it because they aren't looking their best!

( Three of our females have been calling the house down since we got Danlara)

BTW Now I'm drinking Coke & Eating "Rashun Chippies"
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Good luck Sam! What's rashun chips? I finally tried the violet crumb loved it
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Thanks JelBel

Rashun chips are a Flavoured Orange Corn Snack! They are so good!
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BTW "Violet Crumble's" are a rip off of CRUNCHIE Bars-
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TGIF and its payday. Called out for a pizza, 'cuz neither of us was in a mood for killin' or cookin'.

After a week of lower temps, we're back to triple-digits. It hit 100, today and 101 is expected for the weekend.

Tomorrow is grocery day (my turn to buy) and Sunday we're goin to the gun show.
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