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Our Daily Thread for Wednesday July 11

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What a hot hot day! I have both airconditioners working and I can hardly feel them...

I have some great news. Yesterday we went to the doctor's for yet another ultra sound. My regular OB was away (his mom passed away) so I was supposed to wait until next week for him to return, but I just has to know what's going on with this pregnancy... I guess I'm over anxious because of what happened last time...

Anyway, it was worth it! It's week 11 and you can see the little baby very clearly now, swimming around in there! He (or she) is so cute! He made two summersaults (sp?) and kept waving his tiny arms and legs at us! I never thoought something that small will be moving so much. Of course, I can't feel any kicking as he's less than 2 inches long Isn't it amazing that we can have such a good view of what's going on inside? So, so far all is good! In two weeks time we should be going for a very intensive ultra sound check to scan for any birth defects (God forbid). We'll also know if it's a boy or a girl by then.

So, today is a happy day for me!

Hope your day is as at least as happy!
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That is such good news!!

Hopefully, the rough part is behind you now. I keep thinking about you and hoping that all is well.

Keep resting.
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Happy Humpday everyone!

that is great news Anne.

Well I tried to put my habikat together last night, with Donna on the phone as tech support, & I thought I had it.

I put it in the window & I was a little concerned about it falling forward & out. It felt stable, but I was nervous. Donna made me feel comfortable with it so I stopped worrying.

After about 30 minutes, when the 2nd of my 2 cats jumped in to cuddle with her sister, it moved & fell forward. They jumped out, frightened (but not more frightened than me!!!!)

It didn't fall entirely out of the window, but it dipped down & probably would have fallen if I hadn't grabbed it so quickly.

after my heart stopped pounding, & I changed my soiled pants (joke) I decided to throw in the towel for the night. I don't know what the f#ck I'm doing. (me last night)

maybe I will get brave & attempt to try it again tonight. probably not though. I'm think I'm going to wait until I have an extra set of hands to help me.

Blue, if you're not busy with your sister today, call me!

:baloon: :baloon: :baloon:
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I can't even post a reply to the "other" D.T., so I'll do it here.

Well, we can't all be blessed enough to be handy.

Glad the kitties weren't hurt. If they are anything like Squirt, they'll never go near the thing again, even when you do get it stable!

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You're confusing me. Stop it.
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I didn't notice that we already had a D.T. when I started mine, so when I saw Annes, I deleted mine, so as not to confuse people (obviously I wasn't quick enough)

you know Deb, I was thinking, if you installed a ceiling fan, then a habikat should be no problem for you. are you doing anything this weekend???
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First, it was a light and not a fan. Second, if you are springing for airfare, I'm there. I'd drive, but my brand new car already has 13,000 miles on it in less than 6 months.
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light, fan, it's all got to be harder than this damn habikat. I'm so technically challenged that I'm not even able to set my VCR clock.

hmmmm, maybe airfare to get you out here would be a good idea.....but I have to warn you, I may have other things I need help with.....
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Goodie. Can we go to DC? I have a few things on my mind that I need to discuss with W.
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seriously Deb, if you ever come to the area & need a place to stay, my home is your home. I have a couple secret service friends that give the BEST white house tours. they are mind blowing.

I'll just need your help installing a storm door..
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Anne! That is awesome! Isn't it amazing to actaully be able to see the baby? This is my third and I was still in awe when I saw him on the ultrasound. And even more in awe when I began to feel him start squirming around. Now I'm in awe that my poor little bladder can take all his kicking and punching! Thankfully it only has 8 weeks to go off dealing with junior! And thankfully for me too, cuz I am dying to meet him! Congratulations, I am so glad everything is going well!
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Are these married secret service friends?

I'm afraid you severely overestimate my ability in the "handy" dept. You should see my slightly crooked towel rack in the bathroom. I should definitely not be allowed to be access to a drill.
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Anne I am so happy that everything is going well for you and your little bundle of joy.
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well they were dating at one time. they are both a lot of fun, and the guy is a natural entertainer & really has a flair for giving a fun & informative tour.

just joking about the storm door. promise I won't let you near the drills. (I say plural, like I have 2, that's a joke)
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They were dating at one time? You mean each other? Are there girl secret service agents? I am getting a little worried here. Maybe I'll just write the Prez a letter.
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yes there are female secret service agents! this is 2001

remember, girls kick ass!!!
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Oh, I keep forgetting, because most of the guys I meet carry a big club and have their home address listed as a cave somewhere.
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you really need to get out of florida!
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Sounds like you're suffering from heat exhaustion.

AP are there any SINGLE male secret service agents that wouldn't mind a pre-owned 48 year old go lucky (not happy right this very minute-you know why) (wait a minute...i'm not even lucky so strike that!) anyway-pre-owned, experienced female for a relationship or just a weekend roll in the hay??? Give 'em my phone number - the toll free number at work (do I sound that desperate???).

I'm waiting for this day to be over!!!

Anne, glad to hear everything is going okay with you and baby. That's great news. Are you going to let us in on the baby's sex once you find out?????
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Anne, thats great news!

Have you thought of any names yet?
How about Fluffy? or Tiger? Princess? Tuffy?
Oh wait, those are kitty names...hmmm...I'll get back to you.

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Hey, Donna, you'll just have to get behind me in line for the single secret service guys. I do believe I inquired first! I went shopping this afternoon for a pair of Ray-Bans just to be prepared.
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I was so happy to see tha the Daily Thread has returned. Anne, congratulations on the wonderful news. I was never blessed with a baby, but such a miricle as that tiny life swimming around and waving his tiny little arms gives me a sense of wonder
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Congratulations! I'm sure all will be well! :baloon:
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Hi Deb, Thanks for the welcome. For the last 3 years I have worked in a high school life skills class. The students all have mental retardation. They are a wonderful group of young people. I am certified in social studies, and just received Spanish certification, so I am hoping to teach one of those subjects this fall. I have to admit, I am not sure what Title 1 is. How do you manage elementary kids, they have so much energy! Brenda
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We are a federally funded school for a low-income population. 93% of our kids are on free or reduced lunch. It comes with its own unique set of challenges. Every time I think I've seen it all, something else comes along. Anyway, don't credit me with too much energy. I don't teach 1st grade or Kindergarten. I really prefer to stay at 4th or 5th grade level, although I have taught as young as 2nd.
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