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Fall TV schedule

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What is everyone looking forward to this season. There doesn't seem to be any comedies that look great. I can't wait to watch Joan of Arcadia. The teenage "God" is played by John Ritter's son - he looks alot like him. I have started watching 1-800-Missing, seems interesting so far. I am given Jake 2.0 a try, but I don't think I will stick with it. 2 others I want to check out are The Lyon's Den with Rob Lowe and Miss Match with Alicia Silverstone.

What is everyone else looking forward to?
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Since I don't get much time any more to watch TV, I'm kind of out of the loop on the new ones to watch. I am looking forward to watching Third Watch. I didn't watch much of last season, but since they've been playing the reruns on TV late at night I've been catching up. That show just draws me in...I'm addicted! I think the season openner of Third Watch is on the 29th, but they've been playing the last few of last season now on Monday evenings.
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Lyons Den looks interesting, and there are couple CSI wannabees out there. But none of the comedies look remotely interesting to me so if anything, it will be the dramas we will take a peek at.

I was sad on one of my favorite shows Everwood that they killed off Collin. He was a strong performer there.
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I agree it was sad that they killed off Colin on Everwood.

I am looking forward to all my favourite shows, and I can't wait to see Cold Case, but that Joan of Arcadia looks interesting, I might have to give it a look see.

What is Lyon's Den supposed to be about?
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None of my shows are starting up yet. I'm big into the Sopranos, and 6 Feet Under. I also really enjoy Law&Order, the original one but there are so many I haven't seen that I rarely know I'm watching a rerun. LOL.

On the other hand my girls are over the moon that Lizzie Macguire has new shows. That show isn't all that bad so I guess I'm a little happy that I can sit and watch TV with them and have it not be an episode I've seen 6 times already.
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I love the Sopranos!
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I can't wait for the new Sopranos season!
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Miss Match and the one with Whoopi Goldberg
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Bernie Mac
King of the Hill
Malcolm in the Middle
Wanda at Large

and of course Enterprise!
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Whoopi's show has started and it is B-A-D! The comedy is nasty and they do alot of Muslim jokes as the front desk guy in the show is a Muslim from Persia.

In Lyon's Den, Lowe plays an attorny who is trying to fight corruption in a law firm that was run by his father who has been killed. There will be a recurring story line about his father's murder.
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Isn't that the show he left the West Wing for?
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Yup - he is also the executive producer!
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I am wondering about ER, I have not seen any previews yet.

I loved six feet under. Cold case looks good, and Joan of Arcadia.
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I think on ER they are going to kill of Luka- at least that is what the trailers lead me to believe. But you never know with that show
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Thanks Hissy,
I have not seen one preview yet. Been waiting(lol) one of my favorite shows.
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Forgot to mention - can't wait for Alias - that show rocks!
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I WAS looking forward to 8 Simple Rules, but now, I don't even know if I can watch the few that were taped w/o being upset !
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Old shows: Angel, Smallville

New shows: Is 1-800 missing the one about FBI agents? If so, it sounded a little like the X-Files to me
Coupling, I love the British original, so I'm going to be super critical of the American version. Not too much else of interest to me.
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1-800-Missing is with Gloria Ruben from ER as an FBI agent working with a young 20-something who was hit by lightening and can now find missing people. I watched 2 episodes so far and it is interesting, but not fantastic.
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Hissy - no not Luka - I hope you are wrong! I sure would miss his handsome face!!!
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