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For Charlie

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This is dedicated to Charlie who was a sweet lovable cat. He was OWNED by a friend (so to be former) of mine. Charlie was a very beautiful, loving cat who deserved to be part of a loving family. Unfortunely he was OWNED by a family who cared more for their "possesions" than the life of a loving cat. If I had know that Charlie was facing execution for having litter box problems without them ( the OWNERS) even checking into a medical reason for the problem I would have taken him into my family and home. If I could have I would have done anything to save his young life. He deserved so much more than to be thrown away. He will be missed and in my heart always. You were a good furry friend Charlie. I hope you are getting the love you deserve over the rainbow bridge now.
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I am always sorry to hear when cats are treated as disposable. When they suddenly develop behavior problems and their owners claim they are terminally ill (without taking them to the vet) and then they have them euthanized, or when they simply begin to outgrow their cute kitten stage and become developed and grown, and suddenly simply vanish....

Chances are Charlie was fighting a health issue, but being owned by irresponsible owners, his fate was sealed without him realizing it. I suppose the only saving grace is that hopefully he didn't suffer long. I sometimes wish people had to apply for a license to own a pet. I think it might stop some of the problems that are now occurring.

There is a candle in my window for a friend of mine, her cat Cuddles has passed. I will now light one for Charley so he can find a brighter way. I know that God's gentle hands will lift him up and place him on the lap of an angel.
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I'm so very sorry!
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It's so heartbreaking when these things happen!

RIP Charlie.

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Awww thsts so sad..i'm sorry
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This is so awful...I have no words, just prayers.
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Oh--I am SO sad about him!! He DID deserve so much more!! I KNOW he is romping around now, in a much better place, and someday, you WILL see him again. My heart goes out to you...
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Poor little Charlie. I wonder if people would throw their children away, just because they didn't toilet trained quickly enough, or because they wet the bed. To me, it's the same thing. I love animals, and I value them, as if they were my own living children.

My sister did something similar to that with her little Chihuahaua (sorry, I can't spell it). Spike was having occasional accidents in the laudrey room, so my sister took him down to the vet and had him put to sleep, and that dog LOVED her SO much. I can NEVER really forgive her for what she did.
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A candle will be lit for Charlie tonight. May he rest in the loving arms of The Mother as She guides him over the Rainbow Bridge.
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R.I.P. Charlie.
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RIP Charlie.

He is in a better place where harm cannot hurt him. And he waits for you there.

There's a candle lite here to for him to guide his way.
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