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Rurnt kitty worried about her mommy !

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I was getting into the shower this morning, and as usual, Rurnt was sitting on the step. After I got in, she stepped up on the side and looked in. Instead of closing the curtain like normal, I turned on the water and let her watch it come out of the faucet. Then proceeded to close the curtain and flip it to shower mode. About the time I got good and wet, I heard the most awful crying noise outside the tub, so I peeked out to see who was killing who. Rurnt is still sitting there, alone, crying ! She looked up at me so pitifuly and meowed at me a couple more times till I told her mommy was o.k.. We repeated this act twice more before I finished my shower. When I got out, she stuck her head in the tub and looked at the water, then looked back at me and fussed again until I picked her up, I reckon she decided that I was "ok" and hadn't been hurt by the water ! Silly kitty !
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That is so cute....your baby worrying about you! You obviously don't spoil her all that much, eh? LOL
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..not a bit ! The name alone should say a lot for her !
'Course, this is the same cat that stayed with me wherever I was for two weeks after my surgery this past spring!
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Kitty didn't want her mommy to drown - how sweet!
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Awww! That is so sweet
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That is just adorable! How sweet of Rurnt to try to save you from that horrible water-monster. :
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awww how sweet!
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How did she get that name? Is that for the little chirping noises? its cute!

Cats get worried about their moms too you know! lol

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Her real name is Twinkletoes, 'cause of the Tortie markings on her feet, we call her Rurnt 'cause she is spoiled Totally Rotten !
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The Rain Room is a very dangerous place, as all cats know. No wonder she was worried about her Mum! That's sweet.
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Awww Socks sits and cries at the bedroom door if i'm in there and its closed! He's such a baby...
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AWw how sweet!
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how cute, Matty sits on the toliet while I am in the shower, then watches the watergo down, as Suma comes in and always has this love fit as soon as I am out of the shower, jsut goes nuts for attention. I guess cause dad is clean, so its ok to show him affection.
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That's such a cute story!
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that's so sweet... boy boy does that too when i close the washroom door on him..he sits outside and starts meowing loudly..as if asking " mom, are you still there???? hello???? " I end up opening the door for him to enter and to inspect the place....
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