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Sleep tight Indie

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I am devastated to say that my baby boy left us this afternoon, it was cancer afterall.

I came here in 2004 having never owned cats before with Indie and his sister, they were 3 wks old rescue kittens. With the help of the people on this site and the aid of powdered baby milk and syringes we saved their lives.

We have had almost 9 years with Indie,he was a big cat but his nature sooo soft and loving and he was just a gentle giant. He never bought back birds, he bought me twigs, leaves, used tissues and even a yorkshire pudding! He was a playful cat and his sister not so much and when we got the new kitten in October he realised ( once he stopped being scared of him) that he had a rough and tumble play buddy and the two boys became best buddies.

My heart is broken, it feels like I have been kicked in the stomach and chest and my heart ripped out. I feel sick, sad and very numb. I am drained and exhausted and although it's only been a few hours I miss him so so much.

I know I did the right thing for my boy, and he looked so peaceful afterwards. We were treated so lovely and they really did all they could for us before, during and after. My boy will always be with me.

I thank my baby for walking over to me when I first saw them, he chose me and I took them both or his sister would of been the only one left in that hell hole. I thank the people here for telling me what to do for them... you guys were the first point of call to my almost 9 years of love and friendship and I could never thank you enough for that.

R.I.P darling Indie, forever in my heart xx
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I am so so sorry for your loss. Hugs. It sounds like Indie had a great life with you.

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I am truly sorry. Sending hugs and prayers to you.

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I am so sorry.  I was following things in the cat health forum and I had hoped for a good outcome.  You did all you could for him when he was sick and you loved and cared for him since you took him in.  That's all anyone can do.

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I'm so sorry for your loss of Indie frown.gif     **HUGS**

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I am so sorry for your loss. Your heartbreak in so evident in the words you have written here about Indie. Your cat babies are very fortunate to have such love in their lives. But we all feel for you. Losing one we love so much is a hurt we never get over. We just learn to live with it. Hugs.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Even if you know the end is near, it's something you can never prepare for. alright.gifI agree it knocks the breathe out of you, and it seems to take any joy out of life for a long time. Indie loved you and was so fortunate to have you in his life, and now a small piece of his soul will live on forever in your heart. RIP dear Indie, wait for mommy at the Rainbow Bridge.

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I'm so sorry to hear about precious Indie  rbheart.gif

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Hugs to you.  I am so very sorry about your beloved Indie.  He sounds like such a wonderful kitty.  Bless you for taking in a scared and lonely kitty who wouldn't have had a chance without you.  RIP, sweet Indie, you are dearly missed.




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My condolences. Nine years just aren't enough, and you must miss him terribly. RIP, Indie. rainbowbridge52012.jpg
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Thank you so much everyone, I haven't even been online I am so distraught, but we think we have some comfort but that will be in a post in the lounge, as this isn't the place for it, makes us smile anyway =)

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