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i'm a wreck

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On MOnday, I finished my last pill of Augmentin, after being on it for a month, to see if it would clear my sinus thing up, which I dont think it did, so I have to get the post ct scan done to see if there are abnormalities still. Now, it feels like I have a UTI coming on I am hoping it is just a yeast infection (sorry guys)
I just dont know how much of this I can take. I've been drinking lots of water and taking cranberry pills, so *hopefully* it's just the yeast and not a UTI.
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Oh I feel really bad for you!! I do hope it clears up soon and that you get better quickly. I tend to find Augmentin and other antibiotics really bring on a slew of yeast infections and even urinary tract infections! Very annoying for women, but even men get them also and it's worse for them! I really dislike taking antibiotics because of that side effect but what do we do? You may want to eat some yogurt also, I find that helps me also. And cashew nuts. I read these things in a herbal bible long time ago and now I can't find it. Try those out along with the water and cranberry juices! hang in there!
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I'm hoping that is what it is, because I dont want to see a doctor. If I have to, I will just go to an urgent care clinic this afternoon. Oh, well ... I'll see this afternoon. I'll just drink myself away, LOL. Ya, I pity the men, LOL
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I think you should go to the doc though and get it checked up, better to catch it soon than to wait till the last minute and get stuck in urgent care. my itty bitty opinion.
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Chances are if you were on antibotics it will be a yeast infection. Good luck with the catscan!
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Antibiotics are so bad for causing yeast infections. Stay away from sugar and try natural yogurt with lots of water.

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Ack, I am sorry Tigger.

I am on antibiotics for that bite I got from Peedoodle - I am drinking plenty of water but I am not keen on eating yogurt - are there any other ways to prevent a yeast infection?
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I feel for you. I have a UTI right now and am on antibotics for it. You might want to get it check out though. I heard that if a UTI goes untreated, it can lead to other problems.
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not really, at least I've never been, I just eat the plain organic yogurt, cranberry juice, lotsa wata, and cashew nuts
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yeast infections always feel like UTI's to me they are sooooooooooooooo painful!! I hope you feel better soon!
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Originally posted by Nora
I feel for you. I have a UTI right now and am on antibotics for it. You might want to get it check out though. I heard that if a UTI goes untreated, it can lead to other problems.
UTI can leads to really bad problems, icky...go get it checked out
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Nora!! Hope you get better soon
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You know, I think I felt better before they put me on the antibotic for my UTI. I knew I had an infection though, I have a hard time staying awake and feel listliss, aside from the other hallmarks of a UTI.
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If you can't tolerate the milk in yogurt, you can get acidophilus in other forms at the health food store - just remember to take it at a different time of day than the antibiotics. Acidophilus is a good bacteria naturally occurring in our systems that antibiotics kill off - that's what causes those yeast infections.

If you think it might be a UTI, get thee to a physician quick!
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It's gonna sound foul but take a bath with some vinegar in the water to help with a yeast infection. It burns a bit but will really help. Came across it in a home remedy book as the doctor's cures feel worse to me than the infection.
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PS please please please, if you think it might be a UTI get to the doctor. That's nothing to mess around with.
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Ya, I am gonna go after the ctscan -- I am guessing that the Augmentin wiped out the good bacteria, and caused it. I'll see if they can give me an antibiotic where I can take it once a day instead of twice a day.
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An untreated UTI can lead to kidney problems. And an untreated yeast infection can lead to PID ( Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) so you should get it checked out either way.
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I ended up going to see my primary dr, instead of an urgent care one, and I do have one. My dr. gave me extended release cipro, to take for 3 days.
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boy one month on antibotics seems like alot, i had a pretty bad sinus infection and 10 days on that same Med helped, i feel for you so much, because i know what a dad infection feels like, you want to keep your eyes closed all the time, i hope you get straightend up soon for both problems, ive been kucky ive never had the other sending you ((((get well vibes your way))))
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