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Just Found Babies!

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We (some of my co-workers and myself) just found 5 baby kittens underneath the house (we work in a victorian house)!! They are tabby and calico. How precious! Looks like we need to find them good homes!!
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Is the momma with them?
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I wouldn't be to quick to move them depending on their age. Their mom may be around, and it would be best to get the whole family and then take mom in to be spayed when the babies are weaned. Again, it depends on the age and the overall health of the kittens you have found. I also think they might be safest where they are right now.
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How old do they look? Maybe momma went to get food...
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I do hope you find them and the mommy. My JB and his sister didn't have their mommy when they were found Good luck on finding them homes.
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The mother is with them, she looks very skinny. We gave her food and water. We aren't going to move them for about another week or 2. They are about 4 or 5 weeks old already! OMG! They are so beautiful!
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The best thing to do is trap mom and capture all the babies, get them to the vet to be checked over. I wouldn't do this until you know someone willing to keep them all until the kittens are 12 weeks old and can be adopted out. For right now, give mom good nutritious food in small amounts about 5 times a day if you can and build up a trust with her.
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We are having a hard time right now finding someone to take all of them. I am going to call around to some local vets to see if anyone wants to adopt them till we find them good homes.
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I wish you lived in California
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