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Baby kitty is hump crazy - help!

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My youngest (8 months and as of yet un-neutured) is humping all of us except his Fur Daddy (my fiancee). He even tries to bite my leg and hold down my foot. He makes odd crying noises before and during and grabs the back of the neck of any of the other cats and proceeds to mount them. He almost seems desperate. We don't scrounge on attention for him (read the thread about common humping causes), but he does cry at the door when we are in the "no babies allowed" bedroom, so I guess it could be attention based. It's just that he seems like he needs to hump or something and it is becoming a bit disturbing. He leaves our only female (senior) alone for the most part though he has tried on occasion. The other cats are all fixed, too. Any insight from anyone? This behavior began to manifest in last two weeks and it's constant (seriously, a few times a day or more). Can he go back to being an angel instead of a horny heathen?


My next youngest used to do this to the kitten while he was little, but we recognized it as a sign of dominance for them. They have reversed roles in this way now the kitten mounts him the most and he lets him, which we don't get at all. When the kitten humps the other male, the next to youngest will even run in and intervene so the kitten does it to him. Please tell me I'm not dealing with something odd but explainable.

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Hi Amelia.. Welcome to TCS wavey.gif

The ideal time to have kittens neutered is 6 months, or a bit earlier.  I'd definitely be going with that as your option!

If there are still issues after that, you can deal with them then.

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