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Moving Update

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Hi Everyone.

Well Mum & Tom found a house about ten minutes away from where we live now in a place called Cambourne- It's a nice area and will be good for our pets. We will be shifting in two weeks, It has sea views, 4 bedrooms and a rumpus- Thanks for all the vibes they really did us well- They said we could have our dogs if they lived downstairs in the Rumpus Room & Outside part.. I haven't actually seen the house so I can't give you a detailed description! but as soon as I do you guys will be the first I tell and I wanna take pictures-- Again thanks for all the vibes my friends


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I'm so glad you found something that will work for you and your pets!! Good luck in your move, and I hope you love your new house!

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Glad you found a pet friendly house!
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Sounds like a great place, sea view huh? I would love that Congrats!
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AWESOME! That place sounds much better than the first place you described! YAY!
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That was very quick Sam .It has a sea few , WOW . You are going to love that . Your new house sounds great to me
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I would love to see New Zealand, if I just was not terrified of flying(lol)
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Thanks Everyone....

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How wonderful you found a pet friendly home!!!! It can be so difficult. I hope you TOTALLY LOVE IT!!!!!
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It sounds just wonderful!
Your family is so lucky to have found a place that accepts pets. . . . and so soon!

Just be careful if you let your cats out, that they don't try to go back to the old house. . . . especially if it's that close!

I've known this to happen to a few of my friends.

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Whewww, what a relief that was so quick...sounds like a great place! Yay!!
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Yeah! Thanks everyone.

We will be sure to keep our cats in for a few weeks befoore we let them out- I have been away all weekend and as we were calling back, Nana and a few friends we drove past and it's a quiet type street with a cottagey type style.. I can't wait to take pictures!
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