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Where Are they?

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I haven't seen Flufy or Socks for like 5 hours. They are just gone,vanished! I've searched the house, put food out which they usually come for. They are indoor only cats.
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Forget it theyjust came sauntering out of god knows where....
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of course...!
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lol, my 2 boys do that sometimes, i swear i havent figured out where they hide yet, i always check before i leave to make sure they are not locked up some where like the closet, and when they hide like that i have been late for work trying to find them, i could just bust their butts, but they know i wouldnt
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Silly kitties! Don't worry Mom like that!
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boy..i hate those days where they just vanish....then they would come out as if nobody in the world missed them...
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Oh i know.the nerve of them! No sense of time these boys..tsk,tsk..
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Bill found Rowdy, shut up in my closet, one day last week. She had been there from about 7:00 until 2:00. She had to have slipped in when I got out a pair of pants for work.

Monday, she almost spent the day in the back bedroom. She slipped in, when Bill got the dog's breakfast and, if I hadn't heard her just before leaving, she'd have stayed in there until Bill got home.

That little witch goes into stealth mode.
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Toes would do that to me all the time. Only once was he actually outside the apartment (in the hallway) and I wasn't even aware he was missing that night! ARGH!
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Zoey is very voice oriented She always comes when I call her!
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Originally posted by Fluffy'sMom
Forget it theyjust came sauntering out of god knows where....
They do that! (Whassamatter, Mom? We knew where we were.)
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Those silly kitties are always doing stuff like that! At least mine do! Sometimes I can't find one of them for hours and I start to wonder if I accidentally let one out while talking to someone at the front door. Or if my daughter let one out by mistake. And then out of no where, they just show up!
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Poor poor Suma, got shut in a cabinet. I didnt see her slip in and I closed it as I went out the door to work, came home about 13 hours later and couldnt find her anywhere, I looked at Matty and just said where is your sister? and she actually looked at the cabinet and pawed it, I could not believe it, open it up and there she was. I felt so so horrible, needless to say, she was showered with affection. Now, when I go to work, if a cabinet is open, it stays open until I get home, just dont want to take the chance of that again.
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