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Okay, I bet that got everyones attention!
Now for my question...

Today when I was at the pet stores I bought some Vita Grass made by Four Paws co. I've never used the "grow it yourself" cat grasses, but the girls eat the plants on my balcony, and that can't be good for them, so I thought I'd try to grow them something thats safe.

Does anyone have any opinions, stories, or suggestions on Cat Grass?

Thanks in advance,

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Most of my babies are indoor/outdoor cats so they can munch all the grass they like form from our garden, but I do have one indoor only cat and I grew my own grass for her! she only nibbles on it occasionally but I guess thats all she needs! I also grew my own cat-nip and cat barley which got really big - too big to stay in the little pots I had them in, so I tried to replant them but unfortunately they both died when I did this! I just don't think Im the green fingered type! :laughing:

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Ps, be aware that some shops try to sell ornimental grass as "cat grass", but these can be very poisenous to kitties! - Just the common old garden grass will do fine!

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My Gezer ate the sprouts as fast as they were showing. He loves grass.

We now bought a catnip pot kit, but hubby will take that to the office and bring home a few sprigg every now and them. We don't think it will last long at home.

By the way, I'm moving this thread to the care and grooming forum.
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I purchase Cosmic Cat Pet Grass from Petsmart. You can get it a package just the seeds or a complete deal where they provide you with a container/seeds & potting soil. Great stuff mine absolutely loves it and it is good for their digestion. PS: I have tries the pregrown stuff you can purchase in Petco - my guy would not look at it - go figure.... best to you
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Thanks guys
The stuff I bought was in a simple kit, little plastic dish, seeds, soil, and directions.
I planted it Weds night, and it says about 3 days for germination, so we'll see what happens.
Lily and Cagney have both started eating the indoor plants too, and I love my plants, not to mention the health risks and the Mess! :tounge2:
2 of my larger plants are Dumb Cane, or Mother-in Law plants and are mildly toxic.
Hoping the grass is greener on the Inside! :LOL:

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