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ugly little ears

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One of my outside cats (I have 5), he is only 8 months old and has developed a crust around his ears. Could this be ringworm?. Is there something I can buy to help him. I just spent $256 on another cat and it is not the right time to take this one to he vet unless it is the only way to help him. Can you help me?????
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My vet suggested getting all the cats on Program as it helps prevent ringworm outbreaks. If you look at the ears under a blacklight and they glow green, it's ringworm. I was also told by my vet that athletes foot ointment, lambisil, will also cure ringworm. If the crust is inside the ears ans is dark brown or black, it could be ear mites. Revolution will kill earmites, fleas and other pests.

Good luck.
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I don't think it's a good idea to try and treat this one at home. I would at least go for an office visit just to get a professional to look at it. I have seen crust on the ears be anything as simple as ear mites, and as severe as skin cancer. Maybe your vet would take payments right now.
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Ringworm is a fungal infection - I don't see how Program could help that. Are you sure that you aren't referring to Roundworm?

A blacklight only shows the ringworm as green in about 50% of the cases. This is not a definitive test. A culture is the only way to accurately diagnose it. Over the counter medications might be OK, but I would get a full treatment regime from your vet. You not only have to treat your cat, but your entire environment and possibly yourself. It is a very hardy fungus and not to be taken lightly.

Suggest you get to the vet for a diagnose. It could be a number of things, and you don't want to rule out infections, skin cancers, etc.

For a reference, here is a site that talks about ringworm.

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I too would have the vet check the cat. This visit shouldn't be as costly as your last, and thank you for caring so much for your cats! It is refreshing to read your posts!
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You should definitely take the cat to the vet. Don't forget that ringworm is transferable to humans!!!
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