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WooHoo! Hockey Season is Starting!

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I LOVE hockey season!! And I'm psyched because we scored tickets to the first pre-season Avalanche game tonght.

This is the best sports time of year for me. NASCAR is still on, football is in full swing, and hockey is just starting. Can you tell I'm a sports fan?

So who are the hockey fans out there and what is your team???
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Ah, another hockey fan! Too bad it's an Avalanche fan (just kidding). Congratulations on your tickets. Paul Kayria and Teemu Salane are two of my favorite players. I'm a huge Detroit Red Wings fan. The first pre-season game is tomorrow against Washington.

In the past, we were not able to get every Red Wings game on television here in the Upper Peninsula, but this year we are going to be able to watch every game, because Fox Sports Net got the total contract from the Red Wings organization. Before the contract was split between Fox Sports Net and UPN50 (a Detroit station) that we cannot get here in the U.P.

Good luck to your team.
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New Jersey Devils and Torontomapleleaf but don't keep up with this sport or football or basketball anymore
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Yay, hockey!!! The only sport I'll go out and buy tickets for! My brother played from when he was about 7 through college...he even coached our high school team and his college team for a few years-then real life (and a wife) got in the way. I don't pay attention too much to the pros anymore, but I will always be a die-hard Washington Capitals fan until the end. Go Caps!
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Bruin's Rule

My entire family gets into the games. . . . my son already has the schedule taped to the wall!

We also like attending the Dartmouth College Hockey games.
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Kansas City lost there team last year due to lack of interest by the fans. It's a shame, cause tickets were reasonably priced, and it was one of the few sporting events we went to.

Love to watch games live - the thrill of a good board check into the corner glass........not the same on TV.


Oh yeah, I grew up with the Blackhawks.....
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Love Hockey!!!
L A Kings fan... oh we must do better this year(lol)

Family and I would go to all the games we could when The Great one was a King.
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Where I live we eat, drink and breathe hockey. One out of every two cars has some kind of Detroit Red Wings insignia on it. Our local university, Northern Michigan University, has a very good hockey team. Tickets are hard to get, but I go to the games whenever I can.
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Yay!!! Hockey!!! Go Calgary Flames!!

My son is taking figure skating lessons this year so he will be ready for Junior Hockey next season We are a big hockey family- my brother in laws both play on local teams , and one of them was even asked to try out for the NHL by a scout, but he turned it down on his (now ex) wifes insistance
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
Wow! Is there actually still a Toronto Maple Leaf out there?!

(from a Torontonian who totally believes - to be a Maple Leaf fan, it has to be a love/hate relationship)!

I grew up in a very strong hockey loving family. I have lost interest, but my sister is a die hard hockey and race car driving fanatic.
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How was the game last night?
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Hockey is ok if there is no lacrosse on. This year more of my American friends can appreciate lacrosse - you will forget about hockey. Colorado's team is entering it's 2nd year and 2 northern teams are moving south to Anehiem and San Jose. If you like hoskey you will love lacrosse, since hockey is a tamer version of lacrosse on ice.
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Originally posted by Melissa
...and one of them was even asked to try out for the NHL by a scout, but he turned it down on his (now ex) wifes insistance
Why is it some women make a point of killing their partner's dreams? And why is it that men LET them??? GGGRRRR....one of those things that just drives me nuts about women!

Anyway, back to HOCKEY!!

The game last night was GREAT! We were 9th row from the ice. Although it was cool to see the hits that close, honestly I like the 2nd level seats better. We could only see 1/2 the ice well from our seats last night, but 2nd level you can see the whole game and watch plays develop.

I think our team looks a lot better this year than they did at this time last year. Aebschire looked really good, and very comfortable in goal for the first half, allowing no goals. Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, and Kariya all played last night, but Selaane and Blake didn't. By the end of the game their passing was getting pretty solid already, which didn't happen until about 1/2 through the season last year! Sakic and Kariya were really gelling well together.

We ended up tied 2-2, but both goals were scored against the goalie that will most likely be sent back down to the Hershey Bears. After he settled down, he looked pretty solid too though. He's been the Bear's MVP 3 consecutive years, so he looks like a good up-and-comer.

But what I don't understand is how the guys sitting next to us paid all that money for the seats and talked about Fantasy Football almost the whole darn game! ARG! Well, that and about all the pretty young things going up and down the aisles. Kinda ironic that this girl knew a whole lot more about what was going on than the men around us. LOL
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I'm jealous! I would love to see a Red Wings game, but the price of tickets are out of my range and they are always sold out. They even sell standing room tickets. I do think the Pepsi Arena is a lot bigger than Joe Louis.
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Our first pre-season game is tonight vs. San Jose.....

Sunday vs. Ava's

Too bad the Ducks lost Paulie (Nick is SUPER bummed) - but they did get Ser from Detroit!!!

Go Red Wings (shhhhhhhhhhh - Don't tell Nick!)
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Yea Lheeza - another Red Wings fan! It sounded like Sergei didn't do too good in last nights game against the Kings. We will miss him though.
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