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Feeding tube  

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Has anyone needed to use a feeding tube on their cats? Spunky had one put in Wednesday or Tuesday. It's a blur. I would love to connect with someone who has experience. It's an esophagus tube. He has fatty liver disease and very jaundice.

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I've had to use feeding tubes 3 times in the past, for various issues. They were all PEG tubes though (directly into the stomach). There is a great Yahoo group for feline assisted feeding if you haven't already checked it out:


A couple more links that you might find useful:


It can be a scary and frustrating experience, but also extremely rewarding. I found in all cases that it deepened the bond between me and the cat. Are there any specific concerns you have? How are the feedings going?

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Several members have recently gone thru your experience, all with good results.  Here is a link where many posted their journeys:


One of my cats also had a feeding tube (also  PEG) many years ago.  My best advice is to warm the food, and when feeding it, to very slowly.  If you go too fast, or feed too mach at once, it will just come right back up.  Also, get plenty of syringes, because they tend to get sticky after not too many times, and when that happens it's hard to push slowly.


Are you feeding punky Hills A/D?  It seems to make the best slurry to go into the syringes, plus it's got extra vitamins, etc.


Even when he starts eating on his own again, doesn't necessarily mean you can just stop feeding him thru the tube.  You will need to continue that until he eats enough on his own to maintain his weight.  Could be several weeks. 


Hang in there and don't get discouraged.  hugs.gif and vibes.gif

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I second the suggestion to go to the Yahoo feline assisted feeding group ! Mikey had an e-tube for 4 months, couldn't have done it without them.
I would be happy to email back & forth with you, I sent you a pm... Lisa
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Thank you for the offer. Unfortunately we put Spunky down Monday night.

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Spunky's Crossing The Bridge thread is here. I'll close this thread now. RIP, Spunky. rbheart.gif
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