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Try this

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While sitting at your desk, make clockwise circles with your right foot.

While doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction.

*Sicy is bored
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Nora is also bored. She tried it and sure enough.
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Sicy I tried this the other day- I kept trying until it wouldn't change!

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I've been sittin here for like 5 minutes trying to keep my foot going clockwise while writing the #6 and I CANNOT do it.LOL.
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LMAO! I know.. I feel so..
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OH my gosh, it did it!! LOL!! Too funny and weird!
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Sicy this is so cool, I can't do it either. My foot doesn't want to listen to my brain!
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When I try really hard to stop it my foot just goes all crazy in different directions
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ROFL! That's great.
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hmmmm...no offence...but you guys are really kinda bored eh???
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that is so cool sicy, i tried for several min. my kittys was looking at me like, mom have you lost it try doing this one, put your pointer fingers together, now start turning one in one direction and the other in the other direction, it took me a long time to get them going in different directions. boy we must be bored
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Ok Sicy and I thought that I was bad I have been sitting around and twittling my thumbs. I will have to try this now.
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