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swelling after spay?

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My girls got spayed a week ago and I have been looking at there insion, it is not red and there is not discharge but it is puffy. Is that okay? the girls are acting normal and they don't bother with it at all. I'm going to let them back in with the rest of the cats today.
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This is normal for many girls. Black Beauty had this happen to her and we were told that we need to confine her more than let her run around. Since I have 3 crates that can hold a Great Dane, I was able to place in a pan, a few toys and her food & water without any problems. She still had plenty of room. For time out of the crate, I bought a collar for a toy dog and a leash. She only wore the collar when she was out of the crate. She slept on my bed the majority of the day and was in the crate only at night. The hematoma (a raised blood filled sac) reduced in about three weeks with 'bed rest'. Hope this helps, Cynthia
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When I got Cham spayed a couple weeks ago, the vet called me a couple days later to see how she was and she said if she gets a lump or slight swelling in the area and it isnt red she said it was because she was being too active. She said there's only so much you can do to keep them not jumping and not doing too much and that it will go away in about 10 days. Chams is fine now. She is back to normal now. She seems much happier now.
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thanks guys! I have had them in medium size doggie crates for a week to keep them from being active. everything looks like it is healing great except the little puffy spot. I'll keep a close eye on it and try to keep them calm.
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Both my cats had the swelling, not sure if they still had it a week after the spay, but they had it for a bit. On my older cat that was spayed about 5 yrs ago, the swelling was all along the incision, but on the younger, there was just a small "bump". My vet says it's just the tissues and whatnot swelling a bit, after all, they've been cut. As long as the skin looks fine, not red or irritated, and there's no oozing or anything, no worries. And my vet has never said anything about being too active, it's just a thing that happens with some cats when they're spayed. The tissues can also become slightly irritated due to the stitches and cause swelling, but again, if it looks fine otherwise, no worries. And the vets have never told me to try and limit the cats from moving, that they'd know how much they can handle. They seemed to, wouldn't jump around at all the first few days, and very cautiously for a while after that. Would say that after about a week they were moving about as normal.
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Had Koko spayed last week, and the vet told me to call him for any redness, oozing or swelling. We're not vets here - suggest you call your vet for advice.
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