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Everyone is so nice

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I just wanted to say how nice this board is. Everyone is so nice to eachother, with no bashing and rude comments. I have been on other boards that are just horrendous with the bashing and terrible remarks. When you post you actually do not know what to expect. It is just such a pleasure to read and post to everyone. Thanks! The Moderator also does a great job at this board.
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Isn't it great? I've been here for just over a year and the whole site is run very efficiently with hardly any interruption!

Cheers to the moderators!

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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Cheers to the moderators!

I've only been a member for a few months and I was apprehensive at first but everyone is just so darn nice!

This is the best site I've ever been a member of and I'm very proud of this site and I do recommend it to all of my friends who have cats, kittens or who are looking to buy or adopt!
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This is a great site, and the very best one I visit- I love the board & I love the people and I have only been here a short while and I feel so much at home!

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This has to be the best board I've belonged to. Not that I have that much experience, but from a couple others I've seen, the Moderators here do a great job of keeping out trolls and defusing anything that does get out of hand. And the members are quite friendly.
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I agree. This board is so active its ridiculous! It gives me something to do while I am work.

When I first came here I thought that people just posted about their problems and asked questions, but it is an entire community! Its great.

Everybody here is so super and the mods are really knowledgeable and professional like. *clap clap clap*

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Well, I'm not a mod of any of the difficult Lounges that get a lot of traffic, but I have to say - we have a LOT of great members that make it pretty easy to moderate MOST of the time!!!!

I do think it's VERY cool that a number of us have actually met in person, others of us work on other on-line things together after having met here, and quite a few people have become friends and chat on the phone or online. And they met at TCS!

I know I've made a number of friends that I expect to keep in touch with for many, many years.
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I agree! This is definatly one of the friendliest boards I've belonged to
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I totally agree! This is such a great place! My friends are here!!! The only sad thing, is that all those friends are so very far away!
I go here every day, for quite a long time, or many times...I am so tryly addicted...
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I agree, too! I came here to ask a question about behavior, and this site has the nicest, most interesting people!!
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OMG yes, the people here are just great!! i have only been here a short while and i feel like i have friends here, if for some reason i cant get to come here i miss everyone, this is the best bunch of people that is for sure......
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I've only been a "member" here for a week but agree with you all completely. My sweet little Toby died last week and I so wanted to talk about him that I signed up...people have been so helpful and sympathetic it's wonderful.
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This place is awesome & the members..all of us make it that way. We have had our share of problems in the past, but we all strive to make this place the very best. First and fore most, it's a great place for educating cat lovers or soon to be cat lovers. I can't tell you how much I've learned about cat care in the short year that I've been here. It's amazing & I've been a cat owner since I was just a little girl. The mod's do a wonderful job...with out them, TCS wouldn't be what it is but the nice members that are part of this team really help make this place great.

Great job everyone & thank you for all that you do! I love spending my time on here...honestly, it's the best on the internet!
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Yes its a great site! I refer anyone who wants to know anything about cats here
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I agree totally..this board has got to be the fastest moving boards i've been on!!! The people here are so friendly and so nice...they really do care and share their lives!!!
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This is a wonderfull place to be and it is my 2nd home now I love each and every one in here , they have all grown to my heart .Thanks TCS .
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Truly a wonderful place to come, to be sure. I need a fix at least once a day, or I really feel deprived.
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Of course we're all nice! We are cat people!
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This IS the greatest board! It's like having an extended family. I'm glad you're enjoying it too!
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I looooooovvvvveeee this place Everyone has been so nice and the Mods are the best
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I agree this is the greatest group of people. Everyone is so nice, sincere, sweet, and caring. You can tell everyone is true animals lovers here! I would be more than proud to call anyone from this board a friend.
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Wow - this thread really made my day

Thank you everyone for being members here and bringing with you the very qualities that make this such a nice place. And a huge thanks to the mods who have sometimes had to take quite a bashing themselves from members who were not always happy with moderating decisions. We're not perfect that's for sure but we do try to make this place friendly and nice for all cat lovers.

Thank you everyone!!!
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Woohoo, I get a chance to say THANKS ANNE!!! Thanks to you and all the mods (THANKS!!) this is truly a great place to hang out, chat and share info on (and show off) our kitties - and many other things.

Ditto to all the comments above, everyone HAS been so nice, and I'm enjoying TCS immensely too.
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