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Female cat - blood in urine (don't think UTI)

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and a bit worried. I'm looking for a few opinions.
Just over 6 months ago, my female cat  Dora (age 10 months at the time) had a bout of intermittent  bleeding when having a bowel movement. Took her to the vet who diagnosed mild colitis. He gave her a shot of anti-inflammatory which did the trick & her poops have been perfect ever since.
However, right at the beginning of January I was scooping up her litter tray (after she'd had a pee) and as it was still moist, some of the litter had stuck to the back of the scooper & I noticed it was stained a pale red. Bit shocked as I instanly assumed it to be blood. Examined the litter I'd just scooped up but no signs of obvious blood in it.
For the next couple of weeks, I'd been keeping my eye out when scooping her litter after she'd peed, but saw no signs of anything unusual. However, this morning, just about to clean up her pee when my eye was instantly drawn to a couple of small pieces of bright red litter. I picked them out & they were definitely blood stained. Literally just a couple of pieces. No sign of blood elsewhere within the pee (the blood-stained litter was slightly separate from where she'd peed).
She had her last physical check when she went for her flu shot at the end on November, vet said she was coming along lovely & healthy. She's a good weight and she's eating & playing normally. She was an in-door cat & was spayed at 6 months old. She pees about once a day and there's no signs of pain or distress. Therefore, I would not assume this to be a UTI. She is mainly fed on dry food, btw.
The only thing that might be connected is that for quite a while now (months) I have noticed that sometimes her pee does smell very strong. It's only now & again, but it can sometimes have a very strong odour.
Obviously, I will give the vet a ring, but for now does anyone have any educated thoughts about this? Thank you.
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Are you sure it's from her urine?  I would suspect from what you are describing that it's coming from somewhere else, since if it were mixed with urine, it would probably not be in bright red drops, would expect it to be diluted within her urine.  Have you checked her stools carefully to see if perhaps there is a tiny bit of blood on them?  Could be the colitis is returning?  Has she been under any undue stress lately which might have brought it on?


vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifthe you find the cause of this issue and get it resolve.  I hate mysteries like this! 

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