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I received my 'How to Build a Cat Condo' CD!

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I'm so excited! In the mail today was the 'How to Build a Cat Condo' CD! Yay!

Thank you Hissy, Anne and!

I can't wait to try to build one!
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YAY! I am glad to see it arrived! I did check each CD before packing them away to be sure they wouldn't cause problems on computers and that they were all there. It looks like they are pretty thorough! Can't wait to see your finished masterpiece!
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Hissy, I already put it into my machine to peek at, and it worked just fine for me. And if it was going to give anyone's machine problems, I'd be it would be mine. (I run windows from a virtual machine, so everything windows-based is a bit iffy for me at times. ) But it works great!
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LOL! Good to know- I was afraid maybe I would put the label on the wrong side or something!
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I've had mine but I havent looked at it yet

Thanks hissy!
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Originally posted by hissy
LOL! Good to know- I was afraid maybe I would put the label on the wrong side or something!
I can see myself doing that.

And the labels look really nice, btw. I really expected just a burned cd with a blank label up on top. Not that being plain would have been bad, it just looks really nice with the labels.
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Give it time, Give it time!
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I got mine today! Thanks a bunch. The CD is really easy to use. I am planning on building a cat condo soon so this will help alot!
Thanks again!
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Mine arrived today as well. I haven't used it yet, but the cats are assembling a tool box and Polly is using his poly paws to practice with the Makita drill...
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Got mine today also - haven't had a chance to look at it yet but will do so tomorrow. I've been avoiding starting the sisal wrap on my new scratch post until I get this CD, and can't avoid that any longer.

Woo hoo!

So much did shipping put you back?!?!?!?
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LOL at the cat on the Makita tool- and don't worry about shipping- it's covered.
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Yay, mine came yesterday evening! Thanks! The CD looks very nice!

But, I haven't looked at the contents yet 'cause my CD-ROM decided to eat it. Hubby's going to try to get it out for me when he has a chance...

Once we get it going and get the condo built, we'll post some pics.
I can't wait to see everyone's pictures of their condos! Fun!
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I got mine today!

Thanks Hissy!

It looks great and I love it that they put pictures in it, soooooo much easier to follow!
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Yay! I received my CD today and it arrived in record breaking time considering the postal delays that usually happen.

It came to my door pretty wet. I really wouldn't want to trade places with the mailman today. Poor guy!

Thanks M.A.

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I wanted to let you know that I got mine today, too! Woohoo!!! As soon as I have a look at it, I promised it to Matty&Suma, so he can build 'my' Matty a nice new kitty condo!!!

Thank you sooo much! I can't wait to have a look at it! (My disk drive here at home is toast, so I'll have to check it out at work!)
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Nice to see some happy winners!
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I got mine!! Yippee!! Rich is going to look it over this weekend
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I got mine just over a week ago, when I was so busy, so I never got around to check in and let you know...
Thank you so much!!!
I have one guestion though I can´t get it to work, I have tried my dvd player and my pc, but I always get an "error" message. Is there maybe something I need to do that I don´t know about? I´m gonna ask my brother in law to take a look at it, he is a computer guy.
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What CD is everyone talking about? I went out and bought Em and kitty condo. They only had beige. I wanted a more colourful one, but it was all they had, and I like the fact he can scratch on it.
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Hissy, are the plans for the cat condos on CD on PC compatible or do you have Mac compatible as well?
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