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cat X stitches

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My wife does cross stitch - is doing a large one of the stars and stripes and the US eagle flying for me - however, the house here is full of them.
She did one cross stitch for my father some time ago and I would like some more- would love one of a black and white faced cat in memory of Vicki.
Anyone any ideas as to where abouts of one for my better half?

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Kev, check out this auction on Ebay. It's even in the UK!

(I'm searching more to at least give you an idea of what's out there, so you can find one that looks most like Vicki)
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This book has a tuxedo cat in it: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=34033

A kit: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=34021

Any of the Cattitudes series has great cat patterns.
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I've got over a hundred x-stitch books up in my craft room. I think there's gotta be at least one up there with cats in it. I'll check.
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An even better idea: I have software that can turn jpg's into cross-stitch patterns. If you e-mail a pic of Vicki, I can turn it into a pattern for you. You can get Vicki that way, not just a generic cat that may not look like her.

Ask your wife how big she wants it, that is, how many rows and columns of stitches - the software can adjust the size.
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kev if you go to www.meowhoo.com and look up at the ticker tape, you will see My Stitching Place, she has wonderful cat patterns!
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[quote]Originally posted by Momofmany

Have PM'd you.

trying to get his wife off the £$"^$£%&^&* internet so as to stop looking at patterns.....I see a lot of US$$$$ going stateside again.
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kev, u always crack me up!!!

be contented that your wife is only looking at x stitches patterns...not some diamonds or rubies online..heheheh
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There are lots of patterns online--go to a search engine and search on cat pattern cross stitch.
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Originally posted by Momofmany

An even better idea: I have software that can turn jpg's into cross-stitch patterns.

With that software - do you have to have a scanner or can you import it from picture files downloaded from a digital camera? I was thinking about getting a software program to convert photo's into xstitch charts, but wasn't sure if I'd need to get a scanner.

Thanks for any info.
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Sandi, I just got PC Stitch and I LOVE it! It is very versitile, and allows you to choose how many colors you want in the patterns (how difficult it is), the size, everything. You can use any image file, no matter how it is attained. I've made a couple patterns from pictures I already had in the computer. The only "hard" (read: time consuming, not really difficult) part is creating the backstitching so the details really pop. But overall it is a really simple program to use. The only quasi downside is that since it is completely up to date with the floss selection, the patterns I made use quite a few of the new 2002 DMC flosses which Michael's doesn't stock individually yet (you have to buy all of the new colors - 27 in all - at $14.95, which averages out to over $0.50 per skein). Hobby Lobby has most of them individually, but not all.
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Mine is also PC Stitch, but an older version without the new DMC color palette.
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You guys, that software sounds soooo cool! I have not cross stitched in ages, but I have tons of projects that are in some state of progress, from nearly done to just started. I actually dragged out one the other day that is maybe an hour or so from being done that would be great in my office, so I vowed to finish it. I would absolutely love to do a couple of Squirt and Joey. Who wants to volunteer to convert pictures for me?
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Deb, just email me the pics and I would be more than happy to do it for you. Since I have Adobe Acrobat, I can just email you back the pattern as an Acrobat file. Let me know how many colors you want in the pattern (the cats I've make, I've found that the least amount of colors that still looks good is 25), and how big you want the picture (either in inches or stitches).
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Thanks for all the info Heidi and Mommyofmany - I think I'll have to head out and get this program. Right now I'm working on a stocking with 4 kittens on it for my niece (have to get it done by St. Nick's) - then I can start playing with that PC Stitch. I was just at Michaels yesterday, too - go figure. Guess I'll be making another trip. I really want to do cross stitch pics of each of my cats individually - so it sounds like this will fit the bill.
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Kev sent me pics of his wife Carol's amazing work, but had computer issues at home last night - will put on the pics tonight for him.
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