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Any more testers out there?

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This puzzle seems to have glitches in it every so often. Since you guys are so good at testing- would you like to see if you can get it to play through? It quit on me. This one won't run till November but again, we need to test it-

Purrfect Image
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It works but at the end it says "cat joys" page and it should be cat toys The font I use kinda makes ts look like js
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worked for me
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I finished it, but never got sent on to the next page

Windows 2000, Microsoft IE
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It would not work for me M.A.
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and i am getting no emails with the answer on it.......doggone it.. Thanks guys we will try to fix these-
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Just did the test... Puzzle has a few glitches. I had to run through it a few times to get to the question (and yes I did send it in). The first time through, I solved it in about 50seconds and it did not give the voice. Second run through I got the voice but no question, third time through it worked perfectly.
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I tried it and the timer didn't work.

This time however the page didn't keep disapearing and reappearing on me!
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The puzzle worked OK, and I heard the voice when I finished, but that was all - it didn't move to the next page after that.

Windows 98, Microsoft IE
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I did it in 1.30 minutes but nothing come up and it just keep counting the time .
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The timer stops on me when I start moving quite a few puzzle pieces. Stopped at 11 second the first time, 29 second the second. When I finished it, I didn't get the question.

Windows 2000, IE 5.5
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I did it twice. The first time the timer stopped at 26, (I´m sure it took me longer ) and didn´t reset when I did it the second time, just stayed at 26.
After I finished, no other page wiht a question came up (was there maybe not supposed to?), the voice said "thats purrfect" and then nothing happened.

I just love those puzzles!
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