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transportation of a cat

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Next spring, when we intend to make our move to Canada - we are aware that initially, we are not going to be able to bring Brandy - our tabbycat. We intend to have him sent out a week or so later on a different flight as we want to get things settled and settled in someplace as well as quick as possible. Then he makes the few thousand mile trip to join us.

Has anyone any experience of flying a cat to a different destination?

Has anyone or does anyone know of the sizes that the cat carrier should be?

How does one find out the rules /regs or innoculations needed for Canada for my little bundle of love?

Can one get the cat drugged so it sleeps through the flight? I dont want him terrified.

Assuming that one needs a larger than normal cat carrier for him as I dont want him cramped for the flight in a small space, where can one get such a thing?

What about food and water for a cat on a flight?

I appreciate its early days - but we set the target for April 1st and by hook or crook we are going to make it - we are checking out everything and costs involved in doing so. Brandy IS coming with us without a doubt as hes going no where but with me.....

Any experience of any of the above would be appreciated or comments.

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Kev - I have been looking into transporting my cats to NZ when I move back home. I do not know the Canadian laws about moving, but I would check into it thoroughly - like quaratine, etc - my cats have to be in quaratine for 30 days upon arrival in NZ, and they have to have a vet certificate verifying their health. There is a lot of things involved.

Good luck Kev, I am sure someone here can help you!
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kev here is an article that might help you:

Traveling with cats
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You dont think Brandy will do better making the flight with you? I know you can store them under your seat now a days.
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Originally posted by hissy
kev here is an article that might help you:

Traveling with cats
that is excellent - have scrapped the idea of having the cat ko'd after I read the part on doing it and them travelling by air. I guess spring is a good time - how do you find a airline that is prepared? Ask them direct? I think Air Canada is a bit strange abiout it - Air transat - they I think are okay - not heard anything bad about them - everyone else I am unsure -


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Originally posted by Sicycat
You dont think Brandy will do better making the flight with you? I know you can store them under your seat now a days.
We had considered this but as we are unsure if we will have someplace other than staying with my father and his wife for a few days upon arrival. I really dont want that really and dad has hunta and laska his white and grey cats (Hunta is very like Zoey) and dont think that another will be a great idea.

If we have our own place before we get there - all well and good. I am just looking at all possibilities

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Here is a really good overview of things to consider when transporting your pets:

Flying With Pets

Here are the requirements for bringing a cat into Canada:

Importation Of Cats Into Canada

Also, if you haven't done so already, you should also obtain the pamphlet called Settling in Canada which is available at your local Canadian Embassy.
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kev if I were you, I would email Sally and ask her. She was so nice while putting this article together for us, and she loves to help out people with straightforward questions. She has done this for so many years too-
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Check with the airlines to see if you can put them in the passenger compartment or if you are stuck with cargo. I flew 4 cats from Houston to KC when I moved and Continental wouldn't let me put them in the passenger compartment - something about other passengers being allergic and against their policy. They said they would allow young kittens only, and adults only when they were with their kittens.

I also called ahead to the airport to make sure there was a room that I could give them their tranquilizers after I arrived at the airport. I lived a long drive from the airport, and didn't want the meds to wear off before I arrived in KC. They found me a bathroom that locked so no one would come in while I took them out of the cage. I then timed the meds to start working about the time I had to hand him off for boarding.
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I know this is the opposite direction than you are going, but here is an interesting e-mail that I received today thru the KC animal rescue broadcast:

Northwest Airlines announced that its application to transport pets to the
United Kingdom under that country's Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) has been
approved. Pets entering the U.K. on Northwest flights will not be subject to
the usual six-month quarantine period.

Animals from non-qualifying countries or those not meeting all PETS
requirements must spend six months in quarantine. Since animals may only
enter the U.K. as manifested cargo, Northwest will handle their transport on
regular Northwest flights. Northwest is one of only two U.S. carriers to be
approved under the PETS program and offers daily nonstop flights to London's
Gatwick Airport from its hubs in Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

For more information on transporting pets on Northwest, visit:

[ http://www.nwa.com/services/shipping...cts/ppet.shtml ]

For details on the PETS program:

[ http://www.defra.gov.uk/animalh/quar...pets/index.htm ]
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Kev , in 1992 we were comming from Germany to the us and I brought my Persian cat with me . At that time they did not allow cats with us , but they had a climate place for animals in the airplane . Samy (persian) was doing good in the 12 hour fly .We also had to stay for 4 weeks at my inlaws and he was doing ok with that , they also had a cat but mostly a outsite cat . So in that area it was not a problem at all . After the 4 weeks we had to travel for about 3 days with the car down to Georgia . We often did not find a hotel were we could take samy in and then we just smuggled him in any way .It was a little stress for Samy while we travel for 3 days with the car and constandly go into a differend place in the night . But in all , Samy was doing fine . I would take your cat with you if I were you . Think about it , he would have to be some place with out you for a while and will miss you . That for it self can be stressfull for a cat . But any way , maybe you can keep the cat in the bedroom where you all sleep ? My best wishes to all of you and keep us posted .
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