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Meet Mele!

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This is the dog that caused us all the grief of not being able to get into her owner's house.

She is a lovely, active border collie, with a sweet nature.
I adore her, however, the cats don't. Peedoodle thinks he can take her down, but Kahu is not sure.

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Very nice and thankfully she looks a lot happier than she was this time yesterday - all credit to you.

Great ending and shes famous as well having had her photo on here!

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awwwwwwwwwwwwww that a cutie pie!!!!
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So what happened?? How did you get into the house? You guys and your starting of new threads I cant keep track of whats going on!
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LOL sorry Sicy - I didnt post how I got her - her mum paged me and said that her friend had taken the key (which she is p!$$ed about) and so there was another key in another place, thankfully, so this morning we got her and she was so happy. No accidents inside, which was surprising and I fed her her breakfast - she is very grateful for it. I can tell that she is missing her mum though.
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Thanks I just read that! Glad she's doin ok!
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Demon dog on 2nd pic LOL! What a pretty dog, I've always seen the mixed colors but never a solid black collie!
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She has white toes and the tip of her tail is white and she has a white crest on her chest. She is gorgeous!
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What a cute little doggy! She looks so happy in those pictures.
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Mele is almost identical image of my Jethro boy - he was almost all black but a Border Collie mix. I miss that guy so much! Sorry, you have brought out some stong memories that I have to share......

Jethro (bless his heart), used to like to try to herd the cats. He was known to stand over them (drooling of course) and watch them while they slept, and if they woke and tried to move, he would nudge them back in place. We clocked him at an hour and 15 minutes one day - just standing there, looking down and drooling. The cats would be soked in slobber. That was his job. Stumpy (alpha cat) loved him, played with him, taught him to play like a cat, and was devastated when we lost him a few years back.
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Mele is beautiful Kellye.. Thanks for sharing!
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What a cutie! She's just oozing personality.
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She is so cute...
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What a lovely pooch! I just love that border collie face -- you know they're watching for something to herd. My husband's cousin has border collies and they are just a hoot.
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she is a beautiful dog, back when i was a youg girl we had a border collie named zipper, he was such a good dog, glad things turned out good for you and the dog also.
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AWw she's a sweet doggie!
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She is a beauty:
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I love Border Collies. They are so intelligent. She is a beauty.
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