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Hi, I'm back. Well, my two Mony & Oreo are doing good. I did find it a little strange after my car accident that they wouldn't come too near me, Mony sniffed my hands after the x-rays and wouldn't come close to me or take treats from me for a few days.

Any way, to the question: Since these two beauties have come to live with me, I've noticed that their (especially Mony's) whiskers have almost doubled in length. Is this "normal", do they need to be trimmed (I thought I read where you're not supposed to)? Any help with this one?
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Yes, whiskers do grow. Now they wont grow out of control. They stop when they get to the right length. You do not want to ever cut them. They use them to help navigate through spaces and such.
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Thanks Sandie I thought that was the case, but it's been a while.

Any suggestions on tangles in long hair cats? Mony is a beautiful gray and white, but from just past half way down her back she's all tangles. Someone said they were "lick tangles". I've got the grooming conditioner to use, but I think they are a little too thick for that - they are actually matted. A neighbor who has had cats for years told me part of it is from the humidity. I just know Mony doesn't like them messed with. I also have to say that she is a stand-offish cat - she doesn't want to be held unless she initiates it, so I don't push the issue. She will get up on my chest once in a while for petting and I sneak in a grooming session as much as possible.

Any ideas short of taking her to a groomer or vet to have them shaved?
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There's a thread about matted fur right next to this one
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Do cats lose whiskers? B/C every now and then, I will find one!
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Its natural for cats to lose whiskers. If I find any my cats have shed, I save them. But I'm weird.
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