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Sorry for not spending more time here

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Usually, my parents-in-law watch over little Ron during the day, but 5 days ago they went on a trip to India for 5 weeks. This means I have to spend the whole day with Ron. We have a baby sitter that comes in 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours each time and that's when I get to do some work... With so much work on the sites, I just hardly get any time to post on the forums - sorry! Hubby promises to take some time off work soon so I can spend more time by the computer. I sure can use those days especially to let my back heal for a bit. Carrying Ron in my arms and his little brother in my belly is not easy for me. I have terrible back pain these past few days. I sometimes can't even turn around in bed as it hurts so much.

Well, this is turning into a venting post and it means to be an apology post to you all. I will try and spend more time on the forums - promise!
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Hey Anne! No need to apologize! That's what you have moderators for

You must be so busy with a baby and trying to keep up with the site. I know message boards are a lot of work

Hope your back feels better soon!
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take it easy girl! you'll need your energy for the second bundle of joy
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Awww Anne, why are you apologising? Us mothers know how it is with kids and being busy. You take care of yourself, try a heating pad on your back and rest, snuggle up in bed with that heating pad and read a good book!

How much longer til the wee one pops out?
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I was thinking about you and wondering why we haven't heard from you much lately! Take it easy and especially take care of your back. Maybe you should try to avoid carrying Ron around for now
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Oh Anne! No need to apoligise we do miss you around here but we know you are a busy mummy!

Keep that back safe!
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hey Anne... dun worry abt it.. i guess your kids need more of your time now..we've got the moderators here and we've got each other... so u better take good care of the back and your two kids... and other furry kids...
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We do miss you , but your family comes first .
How far are you now in your pregn. ? I remember (15 years ago) my back was always killing me . So take it easy on you and your back .
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