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Car Rescue Kit

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I received this from an animal rescue person in Kansas City this morning in response to a request from a person who tried to rescue a dog that was found wandering on a major highway. She asked what she should keep with her in her car in case she runs across another animal in this situation. I thought this might be helpful to some:

- Cell phone (for emergency care or to call the number on the i.d. we HOPE is on the animal!)
- A list of important phone numbers - your favorite shelter, the wildlife rescue orgs, emergency and regular vet, fellow rescuers on call (Martha Stewart would laminate this nicely typed list)
- Leash that self loops so "one size fits all animals" give or take a small bird
- Leather-like gloves - like those long barbeque ones! - to mitigate the risk of hand and arm bites (though frankly if an animal seems too aggressive, go back to the cell phone for professional help and hope it's available!)
- A couple of towels for cushion, carseat protection, etc.
- A folded bankers' box (those white boxes with lids) that can be lined with a towel and contain a small wild animal that may be injured
- Duct tape for sealing the box and its many other already well-documented applications!
- A folding kennel if you have the space and are REALLY into the rescue effort
- A blanket to drape a folding kennel (most animals are comforted and calmed by the darkness)
- Smellie snacks for dogs and cats (more alluring than the good stuff)
- Collapsible water bowl and gallon (or at least a quart) of water for drinking and wound cleaning if necessary
- An animal first aid kit for basic care before transporting to the pros
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What great advice! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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