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Kitty Pics w/music :)  

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Here's a site that I put a little production of kitty pics to music...it's kinda cute and thought you might enjoy it
It has a lot of pics on it and there may be some of your kitty's in there too...so be forewarned it takes a little while to load up. It doesn't download on your computer, but it does have a button you can click on if you'd like to download I know that Squirt and Joey are Deb It'd be fun to put one together for everyone on the site, but the thing won't allow more than 100 pics at a time. But, we could split it up...it's something that you can download onto your own computer while or after you view it. So, let me know if you're interested and we can put it together for our babies

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How cool! Sooooo many cute pictures! I loved the one of the tiny black kitten stretched out on a couch! and the one of two kitty butts with their tails round each other - they look like two drunk men staggering home together!! :laughing: :laughing2
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I couldn't see it
I use the computer at work and it doesn't have any sound cards or anything and kept telling me there was a script error until it finally **** up completely
Anyway I've copied the link and will try to see it from some other place.
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Very COOL !!

Did that take a long time to set up?
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That was great! Who has the raccoon? He was really cute! Did you get some of those pictures from Webshots. Some of them looked familiar. I have them as my screen savers!
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Hi you guys!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by that site and taking a look at the kitty show :laughing: To answer some of your questions, I'll begin with Spikey (which I'm so glad to see you sweetie, I hope the pregnancy is going well!! It was so much fun to make and putting 100 photos together is so easy when the models are so adorable It wasn't hard at all which is the best part of the program. I've made shows for a band, models, and for families. It was the best investment on a program I've ever made. It's brought lots of smiles and laughs to everyone!

Bodlover, those are a couple of my favorite too!!! I just love that little guy ...he looks like he was so bushed from playing so hard...you know at that age!!! :laughing::laughing: Cats are the best models

Billie, I'm so sorry that you didn't get to see it after waiting..grrrrr..I know how frustrating that feels! Well, to be honest, it's best to watch if you do have a sound card since the music makes the whole thing just come together. You'll see.

Michelerad, since your question would take the longest, I saved it till last...:laughing: Starting with the easiest question first..:laughing2: Yes, I did get some of them from Webshots. The only problem is...there's so many to chose from!!! :laughing::laughing: So, I tried to keep as many of my own up there and funny ones too. :laughing::laughing: Okay, there are two different raccoons in the show. One of them is Thomas, he's the little guy sitting down with the big adorable, huggy look on his face The other little cutie is Moe. He and my dog Cain were best buddies and loved each other fiercly. It was difficult to release Moe because of his attachment to Cain. But, I release them in the back of my home, so they get to come home but usually don't after the first month. This way I can keep a good eye on them and see that they adapt to the wildlife. It's really cool.
One of the best memories I'll carry for the rest of my life and I'd love to share with you is about Thomas. I played with Thomas all the time, we even play fought! It was something that I was really freaked out about because we would start from one end of the porch with me on all fours attempting to run towards him while he's at full blast :laughing: snorting, fur's all ruffled up flying at me. He'd jump up on my back and pretend that he was actually in a fight with me...so coool!!!!:flash: I had no idea what I was getting into at first, but he was completely harmless. Well, one morning a few weeks after his release, I looked out my bedroom window and who did I see?? THOMAS!!! He was jumping up in the air chasing a butterfly!!:angel2:I couldn't believe my eyes, I felt like I was in the midst of a Disney movie :mimouse: I cried right then and there, I never saw something so wonderful and innocent in my life. It was the true meaning of love to me...the purity, the innocence and truth. For some strange reason, I knew I'd never see him again. It's been over ten years now and about 4 months ago...guess who came home!!!! THOMAS!!!! We are getting to know one another again. I know for sure it's him. I'll never forget the bond we had and obviously he didn't either. We share food he follows me around like he always did before...I'm not sure why he's come home, but I'll cherish whatever moments we have together for the rest of our days together. Long story, but I hope you enjoyed it.
Anyway, if you guys want, since that link is only good for about 10 days, I can put together another show with our members kittys. Just let me know, send me a pic or tell me where I can get one and I'll be happy to put one together for you and the rest of our members since it is something you can download and cherish forever!

Take Care :
Love &,
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I loved the stories about Thomas and Moe. Isn't the bond between human and animals amazing! It is so great that you rescued them and then released them back to the wild but they still come see you. It's heartwarming! If you do another "production" I would love to have my kitties in it. Let me know if you decide. My cats are all in a thread called "Pictures of my babies" and "The rest of my babies"

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Cat this is a great idea!!!
Just let me know and I'll send along pics of my baby. And BTW this story was just so beautiful.........
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Awwwwwwwww....thank you so much! I loved sharing that with you!

Well, I'm ready whenever you guys are, I'll just keep that up for another couple of days for other members to see and in the meanwhile, and Billie, you can send me your pics and I know where to get yours Michele, which I can go by now and get them I'll talk to ya soon

Love &,
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