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These democratic candidates are chickens!

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Tuesday the senate voted on funding for the "new" nuclear
weapons...the following didn't vote on the issue:

Senator Joe Lieberman
Senator John Edwards
Senator Bob Graham
Senator John Kerry

All the democratic senators running for president! Were they all out
on the road campaigning? Or are they just so damned spineless
they won't stand up to this insanity?
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Ugh! That is it! I'm running for president. Among my policies are in no special order:

-Anti-animal cruelty laws to include a ban on declawing.
-Reduced child care costs(forget this namby pamby rebate stuff.)
-Something has to be done about the hideous state of medical insurance.
-Cut spending on defense. Ever see that bumper sticker that says "We're on the right track when the military has to have a bake sale to buy a new stealth bomber but schools have all the money they need."...that's my idea!

That's it for now...I have a feeling some of my other ideas may knock me out of the running so I'll disclose them after I win! LOL
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What is this about "new" nuclear weapons?

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The Bush folks want funding to develop new "small" nuclear weapons. These would be used to blast bunkers and other structures rather than destroying entire cities. The problem is (of course) that all of the radiation, heat, etc that come from the big bombs would also be there with these smaller bombs as well.

Not to mention the fact that we are being all grumpy with North Korea because they are wanting nuclear bombs. So we are saying that the USA can have them but you can't! What hypocrits we are!
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What! They don't want any other countries to have WMD, but with that MOAB, that should count as a WMD.

Hypocrites! (the government, that is, not the american people in general.)
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Renea? Do you have a Bill Number? Earl's very interested because he keeps up with all the nuclear weapons that we have. He worked on the Peacekeeper and Minuteman Missiles when he was in the military.

He said that we have had those types of weapons have been around since the 50s but not very well concentrated....
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Heidi, sorry I didn't get to follow up on this. Friday was a hectic day at work and I just couldn't check in. I'll see whether I can find the bill and perhaps a good link about these nuclear weapons.
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