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Parents who love sports and the children that suffer

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I can't believe that some parents are so obsessed with their children's sporting activities that things like this happen. Taken from cp24.com
The Riles Of The Game

Tempers have been known to flare at hockey games. But it’s not always the players who are engaged in violent acts. Far too often, it’s parents who can’t seem to control their emotions. Police allege that was the case at a minor hockey tournament on Sunday after a 38-year-old man was charged with assaulting his 10-year-old daughter.

The incident followed a game in Pickering between atom teams from Windsor and Toronto. Both boys and girls play.

“The allegation is that a gentlemen grabbed one of the hockey players by the facemask as they left the ice rink and started shaking, yelling and screaming at the 10-year old," said Sgt. Paul Malik of Durham Regional Police.

The man’s name is being withheld to protect the child's identity, and he has a date to appear in a Durham courthouse on Oct. 14.

The young player didn't require medical attention, Malik added.

The manager of one of the teams at the rink said the man who grabbed the child berated her for her performance on the ice. As a result, the girl was crying and terrified.

“This has become the worst thing I've seen in 25 years of hockey," he said.

September 17, 2003
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Oh they start young. Playing soccer with my daughter last year was a little girl who was almost constantly screamed (and we're not talking about rooting her on we're talking SCREAMING) at by her mother. "Move your butt! Get the ball! Hussle up!" The child in question was 7. My 5 year old started tee ball last year(her choice) and there was a little boy on the team who obviously didn't want to play. His father was one of the coaches and had to constantly haul him back out to the field. I witnessed a couple of "talking to's" that seemed a little extreme for a 5 year old that didn't want to play, poor boy was in tears more than once, and we're talking about a kid who hadn't started kindigarten yet!

Parents like that suck the fun out of it for everyone, and that's what it's supposed to be f-u-n.
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I've seen this first hand myself, and I call it Sport Rage (similar to Road Rage). Some of these parents are not people who normally 'act' up, but once their children are in a competition the parents feel a lack of control and start yelling and acting up.

I have family friends who I have never seen a least bit violent, but they surprised me when I went to their kids sporting events. It's sickening and at the first sign of this 'sport rage' the parent should be 'banned' from the sporting event. Let them drop off their kid, but they should go take a hike.

I just hope that the story Ady mentioned was part of this 'sport rage', and not a daily violent household. These poor kids deserve to have a fun sporting experience, not an emotional and depressing one.

It's a real sad day when adults act like, especially witnessed by their children.

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Dr.Phil had a woman on yesterday who was pushing her son to be an actor and her daughter to play baseball. Her daughter was in like 4 different leagues last year because her mother kept hauling her out if she didn't like the coach, or felt her daughter wasn't getting enough play time.

The family motto was something like, second place is just the first loser, or something like that. she kept saying competition wasn't suppose to be fun.

I find it all very, very sad. I was made to do some things growing up th at I didn't want to, but my parents never freaked out at recitals or sporting events. They just wanted me to experience a lot of different things and find something I liked. I was in ballet, tap, softball and swimming. When I decided I didn't want to do something anymore they let me quit.
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My son used to play football fo 2 years , his choice . My goodness , I have seen some parents they made me sick , yelling and screeming . At a game one time 2 parents almost fight with each other . This is so sick , how some parents react . I agree parents like that don't need to be on the game with their children . How can I screem at a 5 year old child like that ? They crusch the child,s spirit and confidence (sp) . How sad
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It's really sad the amount of pressure that is on kids these days. I have a friend with 2 daughters, and they have always had their girls in sports. It is the girls' choice, but the girls don't feel like they have much of a choice since all of their friends are in sports. They (the parents, and not just my friends!) are already thinking about college scholarships, and the youngest is 8. But they know that for the girls to even make a high school team, to even think about getting a college scholarship in sports, they have to be brought up in the right leagues. Even at that young age, they are already basically competing for college scholarships!

Some of the younger leagues that the girls have played in don't have "wins and losses" against other teams, and everyone comes away at the end of the year with a trophy. This is supposed to get away from the competition, especially for parents. Sad thing is, even the kids know it's a farce. Katie got her trophy at the end of the year after playing soccer and her mom was trying to say how great it was. Katie thought it was worthless, because "everyone got one." She is, by nature, a very competitive little girl!
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I love sports, but the moment you take the enjoyment out of the sports, what worth is there in it. If you are a loving parent, you want your children spending their extra time on something that is their passion, not yours. I'm thankful for parents that were supportive in anything we attempted. Our family motto was if you've done your best, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Wether it was school, sports or anything, you were required to give your best. I carry that mind-set throught my life as an adult too. I always ask myself "Did you do your best?". If I can answer yes, I can hold my head up.
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When my son is old enough to play sports, I am going to tell him, just do your best, and most of all, have fun.
I would NEVER push him to do something I didnt like, its just wrong - if he wants to play basketball, then I will support him, if not, then he doesnt have to.
A child needs to enjoy their childhood - it is important that they have an happy one!
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I remember last fall,my grandson said he wanted to play hockey,my son ask him if he was sure(Hunter was 6) Hunter said yes daddy I want you to be proud of me.Eric sat right down on the steps of the ice rink,and told Hunter,daddy is proud and you never have to play any sport's to make me proud.Hunter did not play hockey that year,or this year.I don't know if that is why some kids play,if that is the only reason,the parnet's should not let that child play.IMO
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You raised a very good son, Sherral. What a great thing for a Daddy to say to his young son!
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thank you.
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Mark played in Little League, for one summer. Fortunately, I saw none of the ridiculous behavior, so common these days.

He got ticked off, because I always took a book, to the games and read. I told him that, when he was up at bat or, on the field I watched. The rest of the game did not interest me.

In some places, parents have been banned from their children's games, because of their asinine behavior. Here in Tucson, a grandfather has been banned AND charged with threatening and intimidating. He wrote a threatening letter, to the coach of his grandson's team. Nice example, to set for the kid, huh?

After all of this, the idiot had the nerve to write an op-ed piece, published in the newspaper, whining about how he was banned from the games. If he had acted like an adult, in the first place, he wouldn't have been banned. He's now suing the school, for banning him.
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