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Hey. I am just checking this place out. Here is my baby if you want to see him.
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awwwww how cute
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lol. thank you. He is either a korat or a russian blue. haha.. I narrowed it down to 2.
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Hello.. Welcome to TCS!

I'm just checking out your site

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heh.. ok.. there isn't much to it right now though.. just buttons and a title. lol
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Yup.. LOL, BTW I love your kitty, is his name blueberrie?

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lol. no... his name is Smokey. heh.

Here is another picture of him:
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Sorry... Smokey! and that's a rather lovely looking dog you have there... Name?

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his name is Brandy. He passed away almost 7 months ago.
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Welcome to the site Danielle! Smokey is so cute!!

I'm sorry to hear of your loss of Brandy. He was a beautiful dog.
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It's ok. He was old. He died in our house so I feel better about that rather than putting him down. Him and Smokey were best friends.
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Welcome to the site.

Smokey's handsome. Sorry to hear about Brandy.

Smokey looks somewhat like my cat Sphinx (he might be a Russian Blue/Siamese mix).

Here's a link to my 2 cats. (Both are adopted).

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what a cutie!!!
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I know he is part siamese. His face gives it away. lol. He also looks like a korat. o.O so I dunno. but I love him. lol cute cats.
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hope you enjoy it here, your Smokey is beautiful, he looks like another kitty on here named Zoey, but i do think she is a bit bigger, but she is soooo pretty.
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He really is beautiful. And I would hope other cats are bigger than him.. cause he's a runt. lol.
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