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keeps scratching/very hyper in mornings

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I took in a cat months ago he is about one year or so vet looked at him says he has cat acne. Okay fine. He does scratch now and then and now he scratched on the outside area near his ear it has scabbed but now a bit bloody due to scab. Is there anything I can put on it to help it along. or should I let it heal itself?? he can be obsessive with scratching and cleaning, everyday is different. He eats california natural dry and some fancy feast. tried other foods but no like. I hope he calms down its usually mornings he crazy and does jump on my older 10 year old cat but calms down eventually??

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I had a cat with acne and it didn't make him scratch, not did it affect his ear - the usual site is under the chin.


Have you made sure there are no fleas around?  They are the commonest cause of scratching.  Comb him over some white paper, using a fine tooth comb.  If you get little bits out of his coat dampen them - a pink stain indicates they are flea dirt - flea faeces.


As to the energy, that is normal at his age.  He needs plenty of playing with.

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No fleas. Inside only cat gets groomed everyday. He's on my lap now sleeping. What did you put on his acne??? Does it go away? Vet was useless recommended nothing?

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The scratching the ears sounds like airborne allergens.  I had a cat that would scratch her ears so much the spot in front of her ear where her hair had thinned would bleed.  I'd put neosporin on the spots using a q-tip.  You might try an over the counter antihistamine.  I give my kitties generic Loratadine, 1/4 to 1/2 of a 10 mg tablet once daily. 

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