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I woke up this morning . . .

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And couldn't breathe! Why, you may ask? Well, I open my eyes, and see a solid wall of white fur! LOL! Sweet lil Luna decided to lay down on Mommy's face to wake her up! LOL! I pushed her aside (was beginning to go blue from lack of air at that point ) and she gives me this innocent look like, "Oh, how nice, you woke up!" As if she had nothing to do with it.
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LOL!! Glad you woke up! Love it when they give us that look as if we bothered them when they are the ones invading!
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Awww...! I wouldnt mind being invaded by such a cute powder puff!
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Mine sleeps on a big pillow above my head, but has never laid on my face. What she does do if you wants me to wake up is tenderly grip and squeeze my nose persistantly.
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how cute .
Thailee after he wake me up sometimes look into my face and then come's the meeeeoooow . Like he is saying : Well good morning to you
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hmmmm... i'll probably suffocate if boy boy sits on my face....
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Sounds a bit better than that annoying alarm clock beep. At least Luna is cuddley!
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How Cute!
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That is so cute!!!
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I wish that my fur babies could sleep with me but their fur bothers my husbands allergies, so I can only be with them in my waking hours. When he is out of town I let them sleep with me and then wash all the bedding before he gets back in town. They love to be in my bed.
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