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Testers needed please!

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Please understand that the coupon you'll see is not good until October, which isn't that far away. But with the problems with last month's Drag Puzzle, this one needs to be tested by as many people that are willing to play-

Big Paw Puzzle
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I didnt have any problems hissy! I like that coupon
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Worked fine for me! About a min this time, probably a little less. ;p
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The Time did not work , it stop counding by 50 minutes . When hit play again it stay at 50 minutes .
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I was playing again and this time it was working good .

You guys are great , I wish I could stay unter 2 min.
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It seemed to work ok for me.
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Did you guys fill in the final question form and email it in? I have received nothing?
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I think I must have gone over the time allowed. I didn't see any question at the end.
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it worked fine, i didn't do the quesiton let me do that now!
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Hey Maryanne - The puzzle was fun— worked great. I didn't see a question afterwards - is it supposed to pop up after the puzzle is completed?

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For some reason I can't get it to open. It locks up my computer if I try and I have to ctrl, alt, delete to get it to restart in order to do anything.
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I tried it and it was extremely slow. Also, the pieces wouldn't move without trying several times.
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Worked ok for me! Didnt see a question afterwards though.
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Worked fine for me! Got the question & voice, too.
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Thanks for helping us test the games! Those who've had problems - can you please specify your operation system and browser?
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Operating system Windows 2000, browser Microsoft IE.
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I'm using Windows 2000, IE 5

The time didn't seem to be working. I know it took me longer than 6 seconds to finish! Also, it did not redirect me to the question. Oh, one more thing, when it first loaded, I was able to start moving pieces without pressing Start and without the timer going. Is it supposed to do that?

Edited to add...when I went to play it again, I pressed Start, it shuffled the tiles, but the timer stayed at 6 seconds and did not start.
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I did it all the way to the end and also the question come up , I answered and everything So for me it work this time , but will try later on again to see if still working for me if you want me too
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sorry haven't been on much, mines windows me and the browser is internet explorer.
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Please try playing it again, and if you can't get through this time, leave a detail as to why and what operating system you are on-

and try this one too please?Purrfect Image
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I played the one you just posted MA and I finished the puzzle fine, but the timer didn't work, and no question came up.

Using IE and Windows 2000.
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I did it twice and the timer didn't work and I didn't get a coupon. I am not concerned with the coupon. Just wanted to let you know. I use windows XP Home and IE 6
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The timer wouldn't start. I didn't see a coupon either, but I did get the voice when I finished. Using Windows XP, IE6
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