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what are siamese really like?

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OK, siamese slaves...

What are some of things that they do, bad or otherwise? What are some of their quirks and traits (besides being very loud).

I love the siamese and would consider a rescue but I wanted to know a little bit more about their personalities from a first hand, practical, day to day perspective.

I like the appleheads myself!

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I used to "babysit" some siamese cats for a friend of mine and I just LOVED them, they would follow me everywhere, sleep with me and by that I mean one on both sides of me so that I couldnt move. It was lovely. I was so in love with them!
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I got 2 Siamese cats and they are both wonderfull cats . They do like to follow you around the house and sleep with you . If I don't pay attention my Mozart (Siamese) do something to get it . Over my one cat tree in the living room I got a windchime hanging . So sometimes when I watch TV and don't pay any attention to him he get on top of the tree and rings the chime that is sooo funny . And he sure know it is .Or he just come and head bump me to get attention . Mozart is not a very loud cat , but he like to speak at times . For sure you are never lonely with a Siamese cat and they always listening when you need to talk and love to being talked to
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I have 5 Siamese cat's and I really love them! And mine are not loud,all of mine are very loving and sleep with me every night!And I think they are very beautful!And mine have never been sick and my oldest is 7 years. Youngest is 1 year old.I did't even like cats intill my son bought me my frist Siamese. And I have gone from there! I think if you get one you will love it.please post if and when you get one,ok?
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I grew up around siamese, and have rescued one that is mostly siamese. They can be very vocal of the different kinds of cats, almost like talking to you. A lot of siamese tend to be very one person oriented, although not a hard and fast rule. They are particular on who they let touch them, finky describes them to a T. They are very loving and can be very affectionate. If you are thier person, I have seen them follow you through the house and keep on eye on you, mine well talk to me anytime I look her direction, and purrs at the slightest touch. I would recommend them overall. They will let you know that they are in charge, then are not all cats??
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oh, those stories are great! I love the chime idea! 'Um, yes, I 'll have the smoked salmon with the side of mackeral...'

So theyre really not as active/crazy as I've been led to believe? LOL.

I will definitely speak with hubby about this. He gets me so mad sometimes because one minute he tells me, ok lets get another cat for Amber to play with. Then he says, after seeing my obvious enthusiasm, well, maybe we should wait.

He constantly goes back and forth. And I am kind of in agreeance (although I am always looking at cats ). I am worried about Amber accepting the newcomer so thats why I am like, well, should we or shouldnt we.

Believe you me, you all will know if we get one!
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I have had one Siamese in my life.

Nibs was a crazy boy -- a lovely crazy boy.

Mostly he was a couch potato, and loved to be held by his Daddy. He would demand to be picked up, and since he WAS loud, you did not ignore him for long.

If he was feeling like expressing himself, he'd go to the opposite end of the house from wherever the humans were, and YOOOOWWWWWWL -- until a human yowled back for him to put a sock in it -- then he'd immediately shut up and come for a scritch.

There was not a subtle bone in his body. He was not graceful -- except when he jumped through the (low) open window onto the back porch, he moved like a racehorse -- other than that he really was a klutz.

On the bed, he'd jump up and then stand on my stomach -- he had VERY pointy paws -- it HURT!

He was a complete menace on the stairs -- he was not called a dangerous driver or the chocolate bullet for nothing.

And do I miss this accident-looking-for-a-place-to-happen? You bet your life!!
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I have 2 Siamese cats. They are as different from each other as day and night. My oldest Snoopy is 18 years old, and my other cat, Shane is 6 years old.

Snoopy is the sweestest, most loving cat, I've ever met. He loves everyone, and he would rather be loved than eat. Shane is a bit more high strung and a bit more independant.

They both are very intelligent cats, they both like to play fetch just like a dog. I love the Siamese personality. If you want a cat that you can have a real relationship with, then I suggest a Siamese cat for sure.
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There's a 2 month flame point siamese male at the spca.. I just called their adoption hotline.

I'm trying to decide if I should go down there today
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Go, go, go!!! Flame point siamese are beautiful!! It can't hurt to look can it?

(of course after seeing it's beautiful face, you'll have a buddy for Zoey)

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uuhhhh ooohhhhh, Sicy's getting antsy!

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GAH I know if I go there I'll come back with a cat.
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What happens if an irreponsible family goes picks up that kitten and gets it declawed and doesn't give it any attention??? Hmmmmm....Go save that sweet face Sicy!!!!!!!

(trying to lay a thick guilt trip on Sicy)

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They also have a couple other 2 month old, one long hair tabby I think and I forget the other one.

I'm just paranoid cuz Zoey had a cold when I got her from there. I dont want to get a kitty with a cold and have to keep them separated for weeks

And then I had already made up my mind that I wanted a bottle raised baby because they may make the best cuddlers. But then I also hear that siamese are very affectionate.

ARGH! Sorry I just hijacked your thread with my kitten troubles again

Should I stay or should I go now..
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ARGH! Sorry I just hijacked your thread with my kitten troubles again
Oh, pah-lease...!

Its all good. We're one big community here!
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blah Blah BLAH !

Sicy, stop all the analytical jargon. Let your heart make the decision.....go and look!



To bring this thread back, I had a seal point siamese mix that lived to 23. She had such a personality and totally dominated our house. Siamese can be known to be independent, loud, and not snugglers. But as the others have said, they can be the opposite to.

But once you have a siamese, they will be in your forever!

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LMAO!! crap.
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Just my luck I'll probly end up with TWO cats that dont snuggle.
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wouldnt that suck! thats another thing to worry about now!
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All my siamese are cuddly cat's!!!!!It all is how you bring them up.Go get one. Flame points are beautful!I had one,but he is gone now,and if I could find another one I would have it ASAP!!!!!
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Originally posted by Sicycat

And then I had already made up my mind that I wanted a bottle raised baby because they may make the best cuddlers.
Not always true - I have 3 bottle raised (Scarlett, Muddy and Koko). Scarlett and Muddy are snugglers, but Koko shows affection on her own terms. Sits next to you, but don't try to pick her up or put her in your lap. Bottle raising doesn't quarantee snuggleness.

OK, I'm contributing to the run away thread.....
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Sicy , did you go .....
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I'm going to update my kitten thread and stop hijacking this one..
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I used to volunteer at a local no-kill shelter. They had a couple of Siamese a couple of years ago. One was a real attention hog and would follow everyone around and talk up a storm.The other was a little more reseved and would come up to you on his own terms. So Siamese can be like almost any other cat. There are exceptions to the breed descriptions.

Sicy - at least go look. It wouldn't hurt.
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Sicy? did you get yourself a siamese? pic pics pics...
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I moved this conversation to my kitten thread

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If you adopt a Siamese, be prepared to keep anything you don't want touched and knocked over out of reach. Make sure all cupboards and drawers and firmly closed and make sure that all areas that you don't want the cat there to be in, make sure they're blocked off-cause my Simba is great at finding those areas. Also, be prepared to give it lots of attention, because my Siamese definitely loves it! He also loves to roughhouse/play hard/keep his territory in check, and I don't know if that's the same with all Siamese, but it certainly is evident with mine, the way he plays and treats his other two female kitty house sisters. Those are the slightly negative aspects of Simba's personality.
On the other hand, I get many compliments whenever everybody comes over because he is such a striking cat. He loves to sniff our guests and rub up against them, inviting them to pet him, very inquisitive he is. He is also very smart. He'll let out a little meow whenever we say his name as to say "Hi." My husband and I have trained him to jump from the ground to touch a stick 4+ feet off the ground. He is very loving towards my husband and me and other people. And he loves to snuggle with me in bed and with his 'kitty-sister' Nala. I'd try to read a couple of books and look at a couple of websites about Siamese before buying one.
But for me, a Siamese is worth it.
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Simba is a lovely boy. Sounds pretty normal for a Siamese, too.

They loooooooooooove attention -- real hams -- we often called our Nibs "the Class Clown". Sharp as a tack, though he'd do anything to keep the dumb ol' humans from discovering that -- play dumb as soon as look at you. For quite a while we actually did think he was a few bricks short of a load, but then one day he let his guard down (don't remember now what the incident was), and we looked at each other and at him, and said "Dumb, eh? Thought you had us fooled, eh? Well, no more!"

Our kitty count is where we like it at the moment, so we're not looking for any additions, but sometime down the road, I know there'll be another Siamese in our lives!
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Loubelia, Simba sounds like a troublemaker lol!

rapunzel47, Nibs sounds too smart for his own good.

Since I am probably going to go to a rescue I can ask about some of the traits of their foster kittys. I kind of have an idea about their personalities now. So far it sounds like something i can live with, except the knocking of things off of shelves. I have a ledge that runs the entire length of the living room that is filled with stuff!

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My Siamese have never been one's for knocking things down. I mean any cat will knock things down if they climb & maybe one of two times they've knocked something down, and my Rainbow bridge Persian was worse for knocking things on the floor than my Siamese. However I do agree, Siamese want and demand a lot of attention, but to me, that's a good thing.
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