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Due to becoming disabled I moved in with my sister last October. I have three cats, she has four. The cats all get along thank heaven. I have one and she does too that prefer not to associate with the others and they have created their own spaces and the others ignore them which suits Jessie (mine) and Sadie (hers) fine. She has a large house so they all have their chosen private and play places. The problem I'm having suddenly is with my Nikkie. He's a beautiful Abyssinian Tabby and is my baby (thought he is 2). In the last 2 weeks he has urinated on my sister's couch on three separate occasions. (All the cats in the house are neutered.) It was cleaned up and descented each time. He has never done this before. The vet said he was fine and maybe was just upset about something. I've watched him closely and he isn't exhibiting any unusual behavior. We have 8 litter boxes and they are cleaned every 2 to 3 days. I'm at a loss as to why he's doing this and how I can change the behavior. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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well sometimes cats find places they like to pee , and pee there, some cats may like unique places,,,, i'd suggest buying a product to stop them from doing that, i think i saw a lot at www.pets.com
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With cats, it could be a few things. Did the vet test for a urinary infection? Is the cat declawed? He may require that the box be cleaned on a more frequent schedule. There's also the possibility that the litter does not suite his taste. How often is he doing it and is it in the same spot every time?
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Thank you for your suggestion. I'm checking it out.
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Yes Nikkie was checked for urinary infection. He is not declawed. We check the litter boxes every day and clean if needed and we completely change litter in all boxes every second or third day depending on their condition. He's done it three times in the last two weeks, on the same cushion but not in the same spot on the cushion. He has never done this before and I've had him since he was 2 months old. In October he will be 2. As I said originally, I've been watching him closely and hes not acting any different than usual. The litter is the same as he has always used. Nothing has been going on in the household that I see could upset him. There's been no changes in anything. All the other cats seem to be fine. They are not acting in any different way. I don't want him to get in the habit of doing this.
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Purchase an enzyme cleaner such as Pheromone Magic or Feliway and clean the areas thoroughly. You can get them at Petsmart. These cleaners are specially formulated to eliminate any pet/urine odor. You have to remember if it smells like a litter box it is a litter box!!! Good Luck!!
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Neither of those are cleaners!! They are only to produce a synthetic hormone to help with territorial issues. You need to find an odor neutralizer to use after you have washed the area. Typical neutralizers are natures miracle,nok-out or X-O.
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It sounds like he is upset with something. The first thing I would do is try and scoop the boxes a little more frequently. He could be getting picky about where he goes. If the boxes are too dirty for him at the time, the couch may feel like the place to go. Also, check to see if there have been any outdoor cats hanging around. This can also trigger some frustration. You can also try putting him in a room of his own. Check to see if he is doing it if he is by himself. Cats can sometimes get frustrated with multiple cats. He may just need some of his own space. If he is not peeing out of the box in a room of his own then try to put him in a room by himself a few hours every day so that he can have some personal space and time.
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There are no outside cats. We live way out in the country. We have coyotes which is why our cats are indoor. Will try your suggestions and see what happens. Thanks much.

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I've merged all three threads into one. deehome, if you have any updates or follow ups please post them as a reply to this thread (use the "post reply" rather than the "new thread" button).

Best of luck with Nikkie!
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Anne, Sorry. Have never done this before so don't really know what I'm doing. Will use the post from now on. Nikkie so far has not used the cushion again. I'm crossing my fingers. I have had a firm discussion with him but he just gives me one of those "oh Mom, I love you but get off my case" looks. He's laying on the back of my chair with one paw on my shoulder as I write this. I love all three of my furbabies but he is my sweetheart. Dee
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