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What should I do?

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I am supposed to pick up my friends dog while she is in Idaho, but I can not get into the house, the key is not where she said it would be, we think her friend took the key with her out of town, but we are not sure, I have tried calling her cellphone but she is not picking up, and I am worried about the dog not having any food, I know she will have some water because I saw the toilet seat up, but no where to go to the toilet - will the dog be okay if I cannot get in for 2 days?????

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I would call a lock smith and have him unlock the door.
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Can I do that without any proof that I know the people there? I have left a message on her cellphone so I hope she will pick up.
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Is there perhaps a window you could get in?
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There is one but we can't fit, it is a tiny bathroom window - another reason to lose weight

I am so frustrated. This has been a long day.
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You could call the police and a lock smith. The officer could verify that you are just taking the dog and food. Make sure to give them identification, phone number ect. I hope your friend calls back soon.
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That's a good idea Teresa! I would do that.
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hey Kiwideus, did u manage to get the dog out??
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I tried to call the cops and they said there is nothing they can do without the permission of the owner, that they need to hear from her first. Same with the locksmith. I am on standby, waiting for her to either text me or to call me. This is so frustrating. I know the dog has had food for today but you know how much of pigs dogs are..... *sigh* I am going to keep calling her cellphone until she finally picks up.
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He will probably raid the cupboards!
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LMAO Sicy - you always make me laugh!

I got a hold of my friend. Her friend has taken the key with her by the looks of it and my friend isn't happy. BUT thankfully, the women across the street have a set of her keys and so I am on my way there soon.

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And go on the floor! Hope she calls you soon,poor dogie!
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poor he's hungry...
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Glad you got a hold of her. I bet her doggy will be quite happy too.
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ok girls across the road will take care of mele tonight and we will get her in the morning. poor girl has been cooped up inside!

Its been a long long day, and all I want to do is go to sleep. *sigh*
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Phew! What a nightmare! I'm so glad the problem is now resolved.
Almost like the movie "Home Alone"
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knowing Mele, she would have gotten up to some stuff like you would see on Home Alone - she is a border collie and is just beautiful, very active.....luckily she has some toys inside so she wont be so bored.

But she must be so lonely.
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At least you figured out how to get into the house! Whew!
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good happy ending
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Wow what an ordeal that was! Next time you might want to consider having her write you a note releasing the care of the dog to you and have it notorized. That way if something like this happens, you have the authority to get into the house in whatever way you can.
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Glad you got it all sorted out Kellye!

Hey um could you spare us a few pics of Merle when you get her to yuor place?
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I am picking her up this morning and I sure will take some pics of Mele, shes beautiful - black all over with white spots at the toes of her feet like she is wearing nailpolish.
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Thank god everything is okay now.. what a scary!
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I am glad Mele is ok!
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I'm glad she is OK too. And she probably tore things up inside a bit. And maybe pooped somewhere. Which should remind her people to be less forgetful next time they go away.....
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I have her here with me now, she is in good spirits and so happy to see me. Surprisingly enough, no accidents - I think the woman across the road took her out last night. Whew!

I will take a picture soon.
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Oh good you got to her YAY!
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that you were able to get into the house for the dog. I would have been so scared about the dog being there alone. I am glad that it all worked out fine.
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You're a very good friend, Kellye!!! I love border collies, but they are high maintenance because they are soooo intelligent and active!
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